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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Emeka Igwe Free Medical Outreach For Awka South 1 Begins Today

Life, they say, is transient and therefore making meaningful contributions and leaving a footprint or legacy in this world is something every human strive for. 

Therefore, there is no better way to achieve that other than through charity, tranforming our society by attending to the basic needs of the people who make up the society.

Thus, bearing in mind that man has solutions to fellow man’s problems, an Awka-born business man, Vincent Emeka Igwe, is organizing free medical outreach for his country men and women in Awka South 1.

A lot of indigent persons are today unable to attend to their health issues due to lack of fund and even with the harsh economic situation of our country, it is difficult for them to even carry out task as simply as check ups and minor ailments. Even so, there are others who lost their lives, sights or hearing ability because they cannot afford to see an expert or bear cost of drugs.

That is why young philanthropist Emeka Igwe has thought it wise to provide help and succor for those in need by engaging the services of professionals such as doctors, nurses, ophthalmologists, dentists, pharmacists, laboratory scientists etcetera who will offer practical help to the sick.

This is purely an act of philanthropy, generosity and benevolence; seeking to promote the welfare of his people. It is a manifestation that Emeka Igwe is charitable, generous, public-spirited, altruistic, socially concerned, magnanimous and munificent.

Emeka Igwe, by this singular act, shows he's open-handed, liberal, generous to a fault, caring, compassionate, selfless, and kind-hearted.

The free medical outreach will involve medical testing and counseling; free drugs and treatment; free optical and dental care. Also, there will be treatment of ailments like arthritis, malaria, typhoid, hepatitis, high blood pressure, high or low sugar in the blood, eye, ear and tooth problems, among many other ailments.

Just come and a team of professionals will attend to you, free of charge.

The free medical outreach starts today at Obodo Ezi Umuogbu. Then tomorrow being Thursday, April 26, 2018, the medical team will move to Ayom na Okpala field, while it will be the turn of residents around Ndi Ichie Hall on Friday, April 27, 2018.

The Emeka Igwe free medical team will move to Okpuno Hall on Sunday, April 28, 2018, with the grand finale taking place at Umuokpu Secondary School field on Monday, April 29, 2019.

The free medical outreach, which begins at 8am each, will also feature free distribution of long lasting insecticidal mosquito nets to the public to help eradicate malaria in our society.

Fortunately, 25th April, 2018, the opening day of the Free medical Outreach, is also recognise as the World Malaria Day.

The free medical outreach, an initiative of Emeka Igwe, is, perhaps, an answer to Governor Willie Obiano’s mantra, AKU LUO UNO, in which he called on Ndi Anambra to think home and bring their wealth and resources home for the benefit of ndigbo.

Vincent Emeka Igwe is a compassionate business man, whose brotherly love, understanding, sympathy, tolerance, goodness,generosity and magnanimity run through his vein.

He remembers the poor, the vulnerable and the sick in a number of ways.

Igwe is a man with humane disposition, emotions and intelligence.

Humanity is all about feeling love and compassion for others people, be they relatives or even people who are distant from our life. It is a feeling of love and compassion for everyone, irrespective of religion, caste and creed.

Humanity is living a noble and caring life, as it is written in the Bible “In everything, then, do to others as you would have them do to you”

Charitable giving, as a religious act or duty, stems from the most obvious directive of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, who directs us to look after His flocks.

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