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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Who Is Ifeanyi Aniagoh?

True leadership cannot be awarded, appointed, or assigned. It comes only from influence, and the best way to test whether a person can lead is to create a positive change.

Many great men have tales of humble beginnings to tell, a fact that buttress the saying that ‘nothing good comes easy’. More often than not, the tale of grass to grace reflects hardwork, diligence, perseverance and staunch determination!

He speaks, eats, sleeps, walk and talk social media. YES! He is the embodiment, the soul of social media. From South East, he has given life and a new face to social media, which hitherto, wasn’t attractive.

Young, energetic, charismatic, focused; all these could describe this young man who defied stagnation and against all odds, strive to be where he is today.

Such is the story of Rtn Ifeanyi Aniagoh, Senior Special Assistant on Social Media to Governor Willie Obiano of Anambra State. A man whose story of glory is not just encouraging but also a challenge to many youths.

M.O.P (Man Of the People) as he is fondly called, has never waited for opportunities, he grabbed them. He never waited for windfalls, he created them. While others were dreaming with their eyes tightly shut on beds, his dreams followed him everywhere, even on the streets.

Born to Mr & Mrs Lawrence Aniagoh (Ifeadinmesi) from Umudunu village in Abagana, Njikoka Local Government Area of Anambra State. Growing up, Ifeanyi had an interesting childhood, attending his primary to secondary education at Abagana, Onitsha and Lagos.

Aside being an Agricultural & Bioresources Engineering graduate of the prestigious University of Nigeria Nsukka, Ifeanyi also studied Information Technology (PGD) and Diploma in Photography. He is a certified Project Manager (IPMP) and Safety Officer with HSE Levels 1 & 2 certifications.

At quite an early age, M.O.P, realized his ends would not meet if he kept waiting for his struggling parents to do everything for him. He knew he could not forfeit education no matter what his situation dictated, he had to create his own tune and dance to the outcome, he grabbed his fate with both hands and made some life changing decisions that did just that - changed his life.

It was during his hay days as an undergraduate in UNN, that he started exhibiting his love for community service; the school social lifestyle and welfare become his devotion. It was not surprising as his people-oriented services earned him lots of awards and recognitions, such as; Man of the people(M.O.P) in 2011, best class representative in 2010, most philanthropic student and student politician of the year 2007. He was decorated as the ‘’NWANNE DI NA MBA’’ of Enugu State Students, also the ‘’OCHENDO’’ of Anambra State Students and to cap it all, he became igwe ‘’Eze Ora’’, the traditional ruler of Anambra community of the University of Nigeria.

He never stopped there, with his quality and attributes politically, Ifeanyi rose from being a Class Representative to become a Student Parliamentarian , then the speaker of Student Parliament and inter PR Officer of all Engineering Student in Nigeria. He led Abagana Students Association at different stages and capacities and retired in Student politics as PRO of National Association of Nigeria Students, (NANA-JCC), Enugu State.

Moving into the wider society, Ifeanyi served as Personal Assistant/IT Consultant to Njikoka LG Chairman, Chief Onyeibo Dazza Udeozo from 2011 to 2013; In 2014, Ifeanyi was appointed as the Executive Assistant to the Governor of Anambra State, Chief Willie Obiano on Social Media; and in December, 2015 he was promoted to Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Social Media.

Not relenting on his youth development work, Ifeanyi founded the Edge Crew, a youth-based group specialised in identifying, developing and empowering the young unemployed citizens of Africa using the PAVE (Patriotism, Advocacy, Volunteering and Empowerment) approach. With this award winning group he has awakened and empowered hundreds of Nigerian Youths.

Catching into the growing need to bridge information gap via the Social Media, Ifeanyi carved a niche for himself through blogging. Today, his blog concept has evolved into a Digital PR Brand, IB Concept with 10 young persons as staff. His Social Media influence moved him from pressing phone at home to serving in the State Government House as a senior aide to the governor.

Applying creativity and inert entrepreneurial skill, Ifeanyi created a Social Network for information dissemination in Anambra State cutting across Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Twitter which gainfully engages 90 persons as Social Media entrepreneurs.

Most recently, he led his team, the famous #TeamAPGA Social Media Crew to deliver 100 %, Gov. Willie Obiano and Senator Victor Umeh during their governorship and Senatorial elections respectively, which they both won flawlessly. He engaged and utilized the Social Media space with his team using precision and a strategy so unprecedented. He was afterwards adjudged a master strategist.

Ifeanyi Aniagoh, a Social Media Entrepreneur, is a 2015 Nominee of the famous Future Awards Africa Ford Foundation Prize for Youth Employment; Honorary Award Winner in Anambra Youth Awards 2015; 2015 Entertainment Appraisal Awards Social Media Entrepreneur of the Year; 2015 Achievers Awards Young Employer of the Year and 2015 Blog of the Year; 2016 Social Media Personality of the Year. To mention but a few! His life of philanthropy has earned him over 40 Awards in recognition of his enormous contributions to youth and community development, exploits on the Social Media, leadership excellence and exemplary life of charity.

In 2013, Ifeanyi was inducted into the Rotary family. Rotarian Ifeanyi is currently the President of Rotary Club of Njikoka, District 9140 of Rotary International. In December, 2015, Ifeanyi was honoured and conferred with "Igwe Bu Ike" making him the youngest Chieftaincy Title holder in Omasi Kingdom, Anambra State.

As an advocate of youth development, participation in governance and Social Media entrepreneurship, Ifeanyi has spoken at local and international conferences which include Digital Sense Africa Round-table 2016; West Africa Bloggers Conference 2016; 2016 National Youth Colloquium on State of Governance in Nigeria; 2016 Africa Youth Workshop in South Africa; among many others… promoting positive use of the cyberspace and creating Social Media entrepreneurs.

With heavy presence on Facebook, thousands of followers on Twitter and good command on WhatsApp, Instagram and Snapchat. Ifeanyi Aniagoh is a Creative Director, Digital PR Strategist and a farmer whose entrepreneurial ventures currently engage 101 youths directly and over 300 persons indirectly.

Emmanuel Tobechukwu Aniagoh
Convener, Youth Aflame Nigeria.

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