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Sunday, October 01, 2017

Incredible Obiano And The Fabulous Anambra Airport City

When I was a little boy, I used to hear that the luxurious bus owners would never allow airport project in Anambra state. I used to hear that Arthur Eze would build airport at Oba. But today, the story has changed. 

In 2006, the immediate past administration deemed it important that Anambra should have an airport that will help boost the economic activities in the state. They even went as far as getting the FEASIBILITY STUDIES REPORT done by MORT MCDONALD for ANAMBRA airport in 2008 (page 132), to be sited at IVITE UMULERI. The Federal Minister of Aviation approved IVITE UMULERI site on 27rh Ocrober, 2009. But for 5 years, they could not do anything on the site and the FSR was phased out.

At the inception of Obiano administration, HE Chief Dr Wilie M. Obiano promised Ndi Anambra that he would build a world class airport which would bring the world to Anambra. Many consultants, contractors and project managers and professionals from all parts of the world filed in proposals to Anambra State Investments Promotion and Protection Council (ANSIPPA) being managed by an astute banker Chief JoeBilly Ekwunife. After a very careful, thorough and painstaking exploration of those proposals, ELITE INTERNATIONAL (SINOKING GROUP) emerged successful. This is as a result of their overwhelming pedigree in aviation facilities, airport projects and cognate infrastructural developments amongst others. His Excellency Chief Dr Willie M. Obiano didn't just want to build airport in Anambra but an AIRPORT CITY. HE didn't just want to engage any contractor or developer for the project but a competent contractor that can deliver to Ndi Anambra the desired airport that is the most modern airport in the whole world.

The incredible man called Chief Obiano vowed to bring Gyang Zou to Umuleri. This is why he is building an INTEGRATED AIRPORT CITY that has a combination of Cargo and Passengers lounge. The airport should have two run ways that would be longer than MMIA Lagos and would be capable to handle even the most-sophisticated aircrafts. The airport city is equally designed to have an industrial and business park as well as a world class airport hotel. This world class airport would create about 1,200 direct jobs and over 5,000 indirect jobs which 70% of the job opportunity is reserved for Ndi Anambra. The airport will be a refueling dump for aircrafts in Nigeria. The airport will tremendously enhance the economic activities in the South East. What else can this incredible man do for Ndi Anambra.

In the next three years, HE Excellency will celebrate the success and opportunities availed to Ndi Anambra by his administration. Anambra would by then be an investment destination in subsaharan Africa. Anambra would be a place of choice and a reference point for business and industrial activities. As championed by HE Chief Dr Willie M. Obiano (THE PEOPLES GOVERNOR). Willie is incredibly-incredible.

For those fifth or  sixth columnists that are gallivanting all over Nigerian media houses soliciting for support to manufacture lies, blackmails and dangerous stories against the people's governor; have they really had time to reappraise the stands of their benefactors? Have they really asked questions of where Anambra state was before Obiano and where they are now and where Obiano plans to take Anambra state to? Have they really re-examined their individual consciences to ask what their benefactor really wants? Have they really asked the immediate past administration to come and show us where the #75 billion naira investment is? Have they really asked why only declared voodoo credit balances, sticky and toxic assets? Have they really asked why abandoned projects were never declared to the public which the liabilities stood at #185 billion naira as at March 17, 2014? Have they really asked questions on why the immediate past administration would hide and accused the government of Chief Willie Obiano of moving long convoy and two expert riders when they were actually the people bought those convoy vehicles and expert riders, used them and handed over to the current administration? It seems that the situation here is all about mmadu ibo nwanne ya nnu ma haalu ya mmili. Or the Hercules story of onye na-ele agu and  ndi na-azu afia agu.

Above all, he who retires from service, is that person not supposed to rest and enjoy his sweat? Why is it that Anambra case is different if not the case of rotten skeletons in the cupboard?

The real reason might not be far away from prevention of possible query for voodoo transactions which might crystallize in second term. This is why they want to instal a YES SIR governor.

Chief Dr. Willie M. Obiano is our governor and our pride. Wouldn't you support this noble course?

I support.

Written by Odaa Opuo

...Odaa writes from Amichi.

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