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Thursday, October 19, 2017

57 Statements That Shook Nnewi As APGA Campaign Team Berths At The Home Of The Great Ojukwu!

Words on the Marble...

Menakaya, Etiaba, Ubajaka, Nwosu, Bianca, Umeh and Obiano, all bare it all!

Dr Tim Menakaya, former Minister of Health said...
1. Obiano signed the approved list of promoted civil servants in the State
2. ndi Nnewi North should vote massively for His Excellency come November 18th.
3. Ndi Nnewi North are politically wise as 4 years is much shorter than 8 years.
4. His Excellency is the best Governor in Nigeria.
5. Nnewi is Dubai of ndi Igbo.
6. Tomorrow the 20th of October, physical work will commence at the airport city site
7. Before Willie Obiano, Anambra is not self sufficient in rice farming but today we have rice even for export
8. Mega industrialised farms litter Anambra State.

Virgy Etiaba, former governor of Anambra State (under Chief Peter Obi) said....
9. I am a daughter of Nnewi and I am very proud of myself because wherever Dim Odimegwu Ojukwu is now, he will be happy.
10. I am part of the government of Anambra State, I know my boss when I was deputy Governor. Today, things are better under Obiano.
11. The best teacher in Nigeria is from Anambra State
12. In security, Willie Obiano is number 1
13. Willie will be re-elected. He has just 4 years. Support him.
14. Transitional marriages now take place in Anambra State
15. Willie Obiano is an honest man

Hon. Patrick Ubajaka, CEO, Izuchukwu Group of Companies and former LG Transition Chairman (under Chief Peter Obi) said...
16. Ndi Nnewi have agreed that Willie Obiano will be elected
17. ndi Nnewi will stake a claim on the ticket in the next four years.
18. We will stake a claim to the ticket by voting massively for His Excellency.
19. Nnewi will be first so as to be in the forefront for the ticket in 2022.
20. Remember that Dim Odimegwu Ojukwu is the Leader of APGA.

HE, Amb Ody Nwosu said...
21. There is an important need for Ndi Nnewi to know that His Excellency has just 4 years.

Bianca Odumegwu Ojukwu, former Nigeria's Ambassador to Spain and wife of Chief Odumegwu Ojukwu said...
22. My husband is the man who sacrificed everything for ndi Igbo.
23. APGA is Ojukwu and Ojukwu is APGA.
24. Peter Obi could not allow Ojukwu to rest in his grave due to greed.
25. Anyone who want deputy will always come to Nnewi. Is it a curse?
26. If Nnewi did not vote for APGA, then they have disappointed Ojukwu.
27. Peter Obi swore he will never leave APGA.
28. Ndi Nnewi should not shame Ojukwu.
29. The whole of Nnewi should support APGA because of Ojukwu's legacy.
30. Presenting a portrait of Ojukwu: "Akpokuedike Go and win, my spirit is with you".
31. In December 2002 Ojukwu breathed life into APGA.
Chief Victor Umeh, DG of Obiano/Okeke Re-election Campaign Organisation said...
32. We brought Peter Obi to be Governor of Anambra State.
33. Upon all the trust on Peter Obi by Ikemba, Peter Obi betrayed him.
34. Lady Etiaba gave life to APGA when Peter Obi left.
35. We were instrumental to Virgy Etiaba relinquishing power after court process.
36. Ojukwu took maximum risk to make Peter Obi Governor the second time.
37. We soffered with Ojukwu to make sure that APGA is alive.
38. At St Andrew Field, Ojukwu made the famous speech- This is my last wish, Vote Peter Obi.
39. After 8 years in Office Peter Obi threw away all APGA manifestos
40. I am one of the Ojukwu's disciple that is alive.
41. Ojukwu's spirit cannot be defeated in Igbo land.
42. The spirit of Ojukwu will crush all who benefitted from APGA and ran away.
43. When Peter Obi was in APGA, we never had peace.
44. Today, Peter Obi has divided PDP into five factions.
45. I am today Campaign manager to make sure that APGA is alive.
46. Even Ajo ofia is against Peter Obi.
47. Ojukwu is a translated Leader. He is not dead!
48. Nnewi already have deputy Governor in Deputy Okeke because of his wife who is from Nnewi.
49. Our movement on November 18th will define if ndi Igbo will survive politically or not.
Gov Obiano of Anambra State said...
50. On friday, Nnewi Will stop using generator.
51. We tapped energy from Awada to Nnewi and other 35 towns.
52. Bank road and roundabout will have Street Lights today.
53. Anambra has paid their counterpart funding of 1 billion naira with Worldbank to fight the erosion sight in Nnewi.
54. Peter requested for 7 billion from me.
55. Peter Obi left 127 billion naira debt for me.
56. Other Candidates have ropes on their necks and so I will not talk about them.
57. Vote APGA for a better tomorrow.

Brethren, it's finished....
Vote APGA to Keep Willie Working!!!

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