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Friday, September 29, 2017

WATCH VIDEO: Ogbaru Traditional Rulers Disown Obaze, PDP Guber Candidate

Early this morning the Senior Special Assistance to Gov. Obiano on Social Media, Rtn Ifeanyi Aniagoh took to his facebook timeline to expose what will be a disowning of the PDP Guber aspirants, Osoleka Henry Obaze, by the Traditional rulers of his town.

Below is the revelation from Obiano's aide.

Few days ago, online attack dogs engaged over 3 years ago by the N7bn demanding godfather went on rampage against my person.

My offence is exposing the naked lies in their daily posts and publications.
These ethugs were specially empowered to concoct lies and propaganda against Gov Willie Obiano of Anambra State as well as insult the hell out of his personal life, that of his family and anyone who dare to support his administration, be it the clergy, the traditional rulers or the respected stakeholders.
Gov Obiano's offence, according to Joe Martins Uzodike, is the governor's refusal to pay over N7bn to his predecessor "for the expenses made on his behalf during the 2013 Guber Election."

Unfortunately for these online thugs and their sponsors, Gov Obiano was never distracted for the 3.5 years that they have tried.

Amidst the virulent attacks, the governor blazed the trail, expanding the frontiers of excellence to become the first governor in our time to earmark and execute 40 million naira projects in 181 (Onitsha and Obosi are counted twice due to population density) communities in Anambra State through a noble choose your project infrastructural development initiative. Some are still in first phase while others are already completing phase two.

This is in addition to numerous peculiar palliative jobs being executed in the various communities by the State Government.

This singular people oriented governance model pushed all the communities in Anambra State to key into the governor's reelection campaign and today, everyone, even the community leaders openly and proudly campaign for Chief Willie Obiano to be re-elected.

These peculiar projects are in addition to the roads being constructed, achievements in Agriculture, developments in health sector, advancements in education, transformation in Awka Capital City, Youth integration in Government and empowerment, wokers welfare and increment/constant payment of salaries, pensions and gratuities, among many other giants strides.... and off course the unbeatable security network!

Yet, Chief Peter Obi that we once respected has not called these online attack dogs to order. Instead, Valentine Obienyem, a man I call my senior joined the boys to launch childish lies and negative cartoon images against the office of the governor of Anambra State.

I am pained... not because of the personal attacks but because the desperation is becoming too glaring and so obvious that we can now conclude that for the past 3.5 years, the lies, propaganda and insults were actually written secretly and presented to the ethugs to broadcast.

That is not my main worry... I am bothered by the threat to "fight Obiano with the last drop of his blood" which has seen a few greedy persons trying to force a candidate rejected by Obi, 3 years ago and now by his own people, on ndi Anambra.

Yes, Chief Peter Obi rejected diplomat Oseloka Obaze three years ago in favour of Chief Willie Obiano and we supported that move because we could Google and ask questions to confirm the antecedents of the then politically unknown Mr Willie Maduaburochukwu Obiano.

Unlike Obiano, Oseloka Obaze can't be so Googled and he (Obaze) was recently disowned by his own people, not just the masses that never felt his presence or his UN effect but also, the traditional rulers from his local government area berated him for contesting.

The world is aware that Gov Obiano is a renowned auditor of international repute; Gov Obiano successfully managed the affairs of Fidelity Bank; Gov Obiano managed the recession period paying salaries, maintaining tempo of governance and delivering infrastructures in 181 communities; and Gov Obiano, in doing more with less, survived all traps set for him by Chief Obi, the new 5, 000 workers, the elected councils, the contractors and many more landmines laid at the eve of Obi's administration... Who else can be a better manager of resources.

It's also a public knowledge that Gov Obiano, as a prudent manager of resources, refused to pay N7bn to Chief Peter Obi and instead littered the State with laudable achievements in just 3.5 years.
Yes, ndi Anambra now believe that Oseloka Obaze is willing to pay even more to his godfather... Isn't that clear?

Ndi Anambra are fully aware that Chief Willie Obiano had attracted a lot of jobs, scholarships, financial support to youth, women, community and church based organizations before he became the governor...

What is known about Oseloka Obaze?
That's what Valentine Obienyem should be telling ndi Anambra plus his manifesto and not the daily malicious attack on willingly working Willie and the senseless compare of Obi's 8 years with just 3.5 years of Gov Willie Obiano.
That's very bad... Too bad!!!

Charity begins at home... Okay, watch the Council of Traditional Rulers from Ogbaru, few days ago, berate Obaze for contesting saying their future is better with Gov Obiano.

Click HERE to watch video

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