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Friday, September 22, 2017

Osodieme Expedition

Chief Mrs Ebelechukwu Veronica Obiano, also known as Osodieme enormously the effective wife of the Executive Governor of Anambra state have contributed significantly to the history of Anambra than can be contained within a single tab. 

There is no doubt that she is contributing importantly to the advancement of our society as well as the advancement of women and children in Anambra, and Nigeria in general.

This is a woman who exerts huge political influence over her contemporaries in other states of the federation. Her courage and eloquence impresses many, and attracts large human capital; warmly received by public and press as "Mama Anambra", articulately frank. Osodieme inspires an attention to culture never before evident at a state government level,  she brought grace and sophistication to the government house.

An outstandingly hardworking firstlady of the most successful and prosperous state in Nigeria. Founder of a vibrant Non Governmental Organization known as CAFE (Caring Family Enhancement Initiative). She has promoted education for deprived people and empowered hundreds of widows in the state and promotes betterment of women in Anambra. Dismayed by infant mortality,  Mrs Obiano became a vocal advocate of mother-care and established  important medically supervised mother-care clinics in various parts of the state.

In three years of Willie Obiano's administration,  this resolute, resourceful woman and wealthy entrepreneur who have spent fortunes on charities, ranging from building houses for the homeless widows to awarding study scholarships to brilliant youths.

Her award winning and internationally recognized NGO CAFE have assisted the indigents in our society to live a better life, and restored hope to the hopeless. Built many skills acquisition centers, trained thousands of people, empowered market women, artisans, physically challenged persons, and supported SMEs. Built modern public toilets and boreholes at market places round the state.

A pioneering firstlady in the movement for women's rights in Anambra. She is a strong advocate for women's rights and civil rights in general. One who advocates equality for women. A tireless campaigner for gender equality.
 Famous for becoming the first woman in Anambra to earn a prestigious and highly coveted chieftaincy title with her queenly stool reserved as the only woman cabinet member of Aguleri Royal Kingdom.

Chief Mrs Ebelechukwu Veronica Obiano (Osodieme) have made huge strides, the significance of which cannot be overestimated. She has influenced the society for better and plays a vital role in becoming voice of the voiceless.


By Ogbuefi Comr Harris Chuma

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