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Thursday, September 07, 2017

Obiano Has Won Our Mothers' Heart

While mothers' in IMO, an APC led state were recently seen lamenting and wallowing in pains over the mammoth atrocities, the inhumane treatment melted at them by Okorocha, our mothers' here were quite doing the opposite, praising and confirming the dedication and love governor Obiano has shown them since the beginning of his administration.

What an oppugnancy that could be likened to light and darkness.

Our mother' from IMO, certainly, would envy our mothers here when ever the issue of dividends of good governance are discussed.

There is no doubt, there is a growing clamour for an 'Obiano' in IMO state, some of my friends from IMO have also pleaded that we lend them our working governor for six months. But our mothers' will not have any of that, they are not Willing to share their 'SON' for another 5 years.

It was yesterday at the Women Development Centre my eyes were opened more to the humane nature of our governor... I became more and more convinced that Obiano is truly the governor made for the present times.

A friend of mine, a seasoned journalist, who hitherto had shown contempt over the achievements of His Excellency, surprisingly made a u-turn and acknowledging that Obiano has done exceedingly well in less than 4 years. Well, right there he pronounced himself a FAN of His Excellency. He got himself a #TeamObiano polo afterwards, as i gladly welcomed him to the winning team, the ever growing list of Obiano's fans.

Truth be told, Obiano won the hearts of Anambra Mothers' yesterday, he won the heart of my mum too. I am certain the hearts of the mothers of those who are trying to steal where they didn't sow in this forthcoming Guber election, were won too.

There is this saying that 'the Way A Man Treats His Mother Is How He Will Treat his wife, other mothers and women out there'.

How a man treats his mother is pretty much an indication of how he will treat the women folks.

'Alert Governor' 'Alert Governor' 'Willie is Working', 'Eku e mee'....rented the air and reechoed in the auditorium immediately the governor was sighted making his way in. This self-effacing leader ignored the designated route of entry, went through the back door of the auditorium in an effort to greet all the mothers from one row to the other. What a man!

Obiano didn't just come to make up the numbers as the guest of honour at the summit, his purpose were bigger than that. Our mothers were in for some more surprising benefits from the alert governor.
There is this general statement that "Women are the glue of the communities we serve and to change the world invest in one woman".

And that is what the administration of Gov Obiano has not failed to do.

For the avoidance of doubt, let me just say this. Do you know that today Anambra State is ahead of others States in recognition and appointment of women to positions of authority?

The Governors administration boast of many women Commissioners, Special Advisers, Senior Special Assistants, Special Assistants and other top government functionaries at different arms and levels of government.

Do you also know that under Obiano's watch, the state has produced two female speakers and with the current speaker of the State being Rt. Hon. Rita Mmaduagwu.

Do you know that presently in his cabinet, women constitute almost 30 %?

Love him or hate him, Anambra mothers are solidly behind Obiano.

Yesterday, there was a clear demonstration of that support and confidence from every mothers at the Women Summit.

Now hear this exhilarating news. Gov. Obiano told our mothers that the preparation of 2018 budget is in top gear and there is provision in the budget for salary increment across board as it was done in 2015. When it was announced that the implementation will commence as from January 2018, you can imagine the joyous frenzy the auditorium was thrown into. I could barely hear myself, the only thing that struck me was that Obiano has done it again.

Gov. Willie Obiano administration has truly given more priority to women empowerment.
Obiano continued, "in the budget we have added the sum of 2 billion naira that will be distributed to Women who are into agriculture and traders".

According to His Excellency, this sum of amount will be disbursed by ASBA and accessing the loan will be a lot more easier this time.

Gov. Obiano told our mothehe owe them two things. The first is to ensure that they are sound health-wise, visiting hospitals and clinics when they ought to. And the second is to make proper facilities available for their child delivery.

And one of the first thing the governor did to make this possible was to get some of the schools accredited. One of such was the School of Midwifery. When Obiano came in, midwives don't graduate in Anambra because they weren't accredited. So he immediately tackled the issue and today about 250 midwives had graduated. These midwives will go into the villages across Anambra where we have 574 primary health centres. 3 centres per Local Government were chosen, making 63 and were specially built to accommodate nurses.

Provision was also made in the budget to acquire solar that will power all Health Centres across the state. That solar will primary aid the preservation of the vaccine prepared for children which needed a cold storage facility like refrigerator which solar can power to be active.

That has been experiment in 10 primary health centres and it is working.
Here is another beauty. The governor has established Anambra State Health Insurance Scheme. And the reason behind this is the fact that in our villages, people don't get access to good treatment because of the unavailability of a qualified doctors. This shortcomings make the villagers patronize quark chemist and traditional healers leading to untimely death.

This idea was born to checkmate that and only hospitals with basic facilities will be part of the scheme.

And how will this work? Villagers will be issued a card and any designated hospital visited by them with the card, the doctor will administer treatment knowing he will be paid.

Last year alone, His Excellency paid the sum of 242 million naira to various hospitals across the state to upset the bill of patients who find difficulty settling it.

Our dear governor said his major concern is the health of ndi Anambra in general and our mothers in particular. At that moment I felt like hugging him and saying a big thank to him.

Every mother in auditorium were already standing, singing, dancing, praying for His Excellency.

What a promise kept so far and with more to accomplish!

And when I was thinking it was over, the Gov. announced yet another one. He instructed the Commissioner of Women Affairs to begin compilation in ernest, the names of every mother from town to town, Local Government to Local Government and Senatorial Zone to Senatorial Zone. He said with the data base, mothers will be giving the opportunity to determine the skill they wish learn.

To encourage mobility in villages to aid emergency delivery for our pregnant mothers, the Gov. has placed order for 576 tricycles ambulances fitted with oxygen tanks. And the good news is that innoson, the state indigenous motor manufacturing company will be doing the delivery. Call that patronising the 'Aku' from 'Uno'. Thank you Willie.

After hearing all these and more, tell me which mother will not pray for this man.

What mother will not invoke thunder to strike all the enemies of the state who are bent on destroying the impressive records of the governor.
What mother will allow a stranger to walk into her home and snatch away her joy.
No way, yesterday i saw mothers' pray like never before. They know the enemies of Anambra are at it again.

They don't want another Imo in Anambra...all they wanted and insisted on is a progressive Anambra under chief Willie Mmaduaburochukwu Obiano.

With their voters card they have sworn to kick out the enemies of the state and the godfathers once and for all come Nov. 18.

Anambra mothers' have spoken.

By Emmanuel Tobechukwu Aniagoh

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