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Sunday, September 03, 2017

Chris Uba To Peter Obi: You Messed Up PDP, We Will Neutralize You And Your Army Of Betrayers

Last weekend, Peter Obi through the National Chairman of Peoples Democratic Party rigged the primary of the governorship primary to the favour of his godson Osoleka Obaze who does not know his right from his left. 

It is important to note that Senator Stella Oduah and other aspirants in the primary issued press Statements condemning the process that produced Obaze. As a PDP Stakeholder and as a Board Of Trusties member of our great party,  I am forced to question the temporal takeover of PDP by wicked and greedy persons like Obaze and Peter Obi. I refuse to say that this is the end of the party in Anambra State because I will fight these strange bed follows who know nothing about the ideologies of our great party PDP.

I could recall vividly how we lost the last Presidential election in Nigeria. Peter Obi was the Campaign Director South. The party never in their history experienced the type of betrayals that happened during the campaigns and the election proper. Peter Obi could not mobilise anyone because of stinginess. All the funds mapped out for mobilisation was stolen and diverted by Peter Obi. I was a major Stakeholder in that election and as a BOT member of my great party PDP,I can authoritatively say it here that we saw hell in all zones in the South because of the betrayal of one man- Peter Obi. Today he has brought his wickedness into PDP but we will resist him .

Because of his greediness, he wants to foist an inexperienced man on Anambra State because he want who he can control. He is not comfortable  with the present Governor in Anambra State because he refused to hand the treasury of the state to him. Peter requested for the sum of Seven Billion Naira from the present for Governor of Anambra State as payment for been part of the team that campaigned and won the election for him. Today he wants to enthrone a man who cannot win his ward in ochuche in Ogbaru and only God knows how much he will charge Obaze if God forbid Obaze wins the governorship election come November 18th 2017.

My party will resist with every drop of our blood the imposition of a Security Personnel on Anambra State as governor. We will resist the hijack of our party by a known stingy backstabber like Peter Obi. We will do everything within our power to neutralise Peter Obi and his army of betrayers. He came to me seeking my support promising Eselu the deputy governor slot and four Commissioner slot after he had messed up PDP.  I am the mayor of the Peoples Democratic Party in Anambra State and Peter Obi will soon find out who the hell I am.

I implore all my supporters and structures to be vigilant as these strangers in our party PDP must be sent out because they do not belong to PDP. They are like leper and should be ostracized. I am Eselu and I have spoken!

Chief Chris Uba.
Eselu Worldwide.
BOT Member, PDP

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