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Monday, September 11, 2017

Anambra Election And A Narrative Of Two Gangs Of Thieves

History is important as it allows us to look at the past, see historical precedents for current events, see how those historical events turned out and thus form a classical basis for dealing with the current events. 

There is a saying that those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

As the November 18 Anambra gubernatorial election gathers momentum, ndi Anambra will yet again accorded the freedom and civic responsibility to determine who will govern the state for another four years.

Since the creation of the new Anambra in 1993 and probably the dawn of democratic rule in 1999, the state has moved at a slow pace, at some point collapsing and near comatose until somewhere in 2006 when things began to look up for the State.

Prior to 2006, when Ndi Anambra began to breathe a sigh of relief with the arrival of the new sheriff in town, APGA, the condition of the state could best be described metaphorically as a terminally ill patient terminally ill who has given up to fate.

The state as we all know it back then was a known den for kidnapping and all manners theft, economy was on a steady slide to a disastrous perdition. There was near hopelessness and uncertainty. And the likes of Evans were having a field day as security of lives and property was at its lowest while the government of the day watched helplessly as our dear state nosedived.

For each passing day, the light of hope dimmed and the height of despair was achieved when mayhem was unleashed in the state by these notorious gangs of thieves who came like the thieves in the night.

This was the state of affairs in 2004. The state was passing through a phase described by many as “the dark ages”. And at a point, it seemed no one could stand in the way of the rampaging dictators who were bent on entrenching themselves in the state.

APC and PDP are two political gangs of thieves, given to violence and who notwithstanding their past bad records, they still seek to import such atrocities to Anambra again in their desperate and selfish bid for power.

The primaries of both parties recently conducted which were allegedly marred with colossal illegalities have clinically exposed their ruthless penchant for power and their desperate plot to cause mayhem and unleash violence during the election. And why won’t they be desperate when they have long discovered that Ndi Anambra in general have rejected their capricious parties.

 Some fickle few, who want to be governor by stealing the position, are busy moving from PDP and vice versa.  Two gangs made up of two political parties having the same modus operandi and without a consistent ideological predisposition.

The APC has portrayed itself as a party with no clear ideology from the PDP and just recently the symptom of godfatherism reared its ugly head at their primaries. Ndi Anambra will never forget in hurry, the wanton destruction of state properties and the killings perpetrated, which was an aftermath of the godfather-godson tussle between Chris Uba and Chris Ngige.

We won’t forget how thugs armed with firearms and crude explosives attacked Government House in Awka and burned part of it to the ground while policemen stood aside and watched. And how several attacks were staged on other government buildings throughout the state. As many as 24 people were killed during the ensuing violent clashes and looting.

And very devastating is the fact that the authors of Anambra’s worst abuses in the history of its creation are presently in APC and PDP today.

Hon. Dr Tony Nwoye was controversially elected as the flagbearer of the All Progressive Grand Alliance, APC, for November 18 Anambra Guber Election. Surprisingly he defeated his gang member and mentor in the PDP back then, Sen. Andy Uba with a wide margin. Ndi Anambra should not forget in a hurry the atrocities committed by these remorseless, desperate Abuja politicians who torched and bombed public buildings in the state. In a sane clime they would be ban from contesting any elective office but we live in a country where anything goes.

Many vehicles were vandalised or burnt in Awka metropolis by the hoodlums, the three-storey building housing the State Independent Electoral Commission (ANSIEC) where vital electoral materials were stored was burnt, two transmitters of the Anambra Broadcasting Service (ABS) in Onitsha and Enugwu-Ukwu, burnt too.

Because of the obsession for power, even a past governor who flourished under APGA, returned back to the same gang that terrorized his administration and turned Anambra into hell.  This a case of a dog going back to its vomit, tufiakwa.  And he currently breeding yet another ground for godfatherism by parading a stooge of his who will do his biding. 

Anambra State has been perturbed with godfatherism syndrome, a canker warm that has eaten deep into the polity and economic situation of the state. Ndi Anambra should watch carefully and be at alert. Godfatherism is one of the pandemic that is endangering our polity and that is what APC and PDP are planning to give to us. Ndi Anambra should resist this ugly trend.

The involvement of APGA in governance has since seen Anambra moving on and progressing in leaps and bounds. It was this technocrat, Governor Willie Obiano who came on board and change the narrative of the state and the activities of these gangs  were repelled, security restored and Anambra once again becomes the darling of all other states.

Indeed, from the Governor’s Inaugural speech, the tone of a structured strategy for a private sector driven economy was set and since then the Anambra story has since maintained a glorious ascent.

Election is just some few months away and as bunch of political desperados are hell bent on destroying everything the  state has built under Obiano just to massage their selfish ego, Anambra people will be taking a stand. 

The faulty process that brought Henry Obaze oseloka of PDP and Hon. Tony Nwoye of APC with the financial backing of two prominent persons from Anambra is a pointer that Ndi Anambra are in for another perpetual bondage if these two gangs are not rejected and sent packing.

I am sure Tony Nwoye and Oseloka Obaze may have heard the saying that the devil has no free gift. The destiny of about 2 million people will not tied to any godfather and ndi Anambra will vehemently resist any attempt to take the state back to the years of the locust.

By Emmanuel T. ANIAGOH

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  1. You are biased. You aint qualified to be a reporter.


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