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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Anambra 2017: Dr Ifeanyi Ubah Time To Jump Off The Plane

Ever wondered why a child who aggressively sucked his mothers breast would not be remorseful at the gory sight of a bleeding nipple? 

Ever given a thought on why a restless child cuddled to lullaby would doubt his mother's benevolence?

Gentlemen, when last did you stop to ponder on the raving political mudslinging and campaign of calumny emanating from disgruntled media aides of Pa Obaze and Mr Peter Obi against the incumbent governor of Anambra state Chief Willie Obiano? Obviously,, times are hardbiting on the rampaging e-tugs of the ill-equipped   poltical structure hurridly erected by bunch of political neophytes assembled together by ego centric personality who preffered dropping his conjiled blood if his puppet failed to make it to Agu Awka.

Before now, I had kept a distance on the burning issues over the momentary madness thus exhibited so far by Ex governor Peter Obi led PDP in Anambra, not because I was Dr Ifeanyi Ubah's apologist but the fact that the rattled oil magnet can always sort himself out of any schemes orchestrated to render him politically impotent in the state.

Anyone who reads me on this thread would attest to the fact that I do not swallow pills meant for another and never craved to lead a conversation unconnected with my political linings and strategic partnerships. The news making rounds within political elite's circle in Anambra have it that Peter Obi's unchallenged incursions into the mainstream PDP politricks, has resulted to making the greatest financier a scape goat.
Just as Peter Obi employs and  retains services of "yoyo men" to rabble and rant abusively against Dr Ifeanyi Ubah and threaten him to submission through revitalising and oiling Obi's cantankerous devices of promoting poltical chicanery, grandstanding, blackmails, and deciets  designated to wrap up Dr Ifeanyi Ubah and bundle him into early political asylon.

This unholy desire have provoked the silenced wales, and sharks in Dr Ifeanyi Ubah's PDP camp as they have began to make some kind of python dance steps, consequently, My good friend Ikechukwu Emeka Onyia's pen only but recently redirected his inks from capricious criticism of Gov Obiano to arresting the ugly development and safe his bosses's dwindling political career in the state.
The jackals' symphonic approach many pundits had perceived as a saving grace to cautiously damage control public sentiments against an outstandingly gifted Ubah.

Gentlemen, time is of essence in the game ahead of us and every leaking pen should be quickly refilled and made to grab its groove back.  People of Capital empire, Permit my humble self to indulge you a bit with these salient questions which naturally ought to be on your parrotic lips; who is Peter Obi in PDP to think that he could outwit Dr Ifeanyi Ubah in the political chess game? Who is Peter Obi to relegate Dr Ifeanyi Ubah to a second class bonafide member of PDP? Who is Peter Obi to reduce the great titan who has invested a fortune in revamping and streghtening PDP in Anambra, and Nigeria at large?  How did Dr Ifeanyi Ubah stoop so low to welcome back godfatherism in  PDP knowing fully well that it was the  major  cause of electorale misfortunes the party suffered in the past? Who is Pa Obaze to stand on the path of Dr Ifeanyi Ubah, the Ebubechukwuuzo 1 of Igboland? Can Pa Obaze lead the way where Dr Ifeanyi Ubah is on the queue? Can Pa Obaze be more creative than Mr Creativity himself Dr Ubah? Can Pa Obaze mobilise the youths better than Dr Ubah? What is that unique selling point of Pa Obaze compared to Dr Ubah's sold out brand? Kam kwusi eba!

Umunne, we must understand this  rocky hill Pa Obaze and Obi are  travelling  is destined to terminate in a very deep canal.  Do not weep at thier folly! Do not say the 'Angelus' on their behaves! Do not ask for mercy for they are lost in the battle!

Well, Dr Ubah should not stop asking for justice,fairness, and transparency, but he should be advised to look elsewhere because PDP is an unrepentant corruption infested political party. PDP does not allow for men of unblemished character and good morals to champion the way, instead easily manipulative individuals and corrupt minds holds sway.

Please if you see Dr Ubah tell him to tilt towards APGA the only democratic party in Nigeria. The only voice of the voiceless, the only saviour of the wounded. Tell Dr Ubah to renew his promise to deliver Gov Obiano, and reunite with his first love APGA. Tell him that he has absolutely nothing to lose in the proposed reunion. Agu, Odogwu, Ebubechukwu, I am already home to APGA, it is peaceful out here. Please get off the sinking ship! It does not worth it! PDP is facing extinction in Anambra, get off the crash bound plane!

Understanding what time is it would not only keep you on the right track but helps in retaining your sanity.  Now the cheeps are down, the forcibly aching belly of ex APGA parasitic dementias under Peter Obi are pricked and wired to patronise mediocrity, and since Peter is the only meal ticket readily available, they ain't going off his hook! PDP has insulted your person and personality, and currently displaying unholy act of barbarism against your political allies.
Dr Ifeanyi Ubah, I am looking forward to seeing you ahome with your true Igbo identity!

APGA Amaka!
Anambra ekwelugo!
Willie ka anyi ma!

Comr Harris Chuma
Exec. Director Independent Media Support Org.(IMSO)

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