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Saturday, August 05, 2017

PRESS STATEMENT: Agbaso Is A Persona Non Grata, He Has No Base - Chief Victor Oye, APGA National Chairman

Earlier today at the APGA State Secretariat in Awka, the party National Chairman, Chief Victor Ike Oye, granted a world press conference to apprise the general public on the recent development at the party national headquarters in Abuja.

The press conference which started around 9 am, had in attendant the Party State Chairman, National Publicity Secretary, National Youth Leader, Legal Adviser of the party, Awka South Transition Chairman and some party stakeholders.

Addressing the gathering, Chief Oye gave account of how some hoodlums and gangstas led by Chief Martin Agbazo invaded the party office in Abuja, breaking doors and shattering windows with reckless abandon, stealing money in his safe and carting away sensitive materials.

"The Gangstas were led by no other person than Chief Martin Agbaso with four other members of our national working committee that were expelled on Dec 21, 2015 by the National Executive Committee of the party. 

So you can see what happened there was assault on democracy. A travesty of justice and a sly on our integrity as a nation. Further investigation showed they were backed by thugs and some policemen though, because it was the presence of some policemen  that gave them the impetus to act in such bizarre manner. 

So the police were there and they watch them carry out their bastardly act".

Chief Oye who had received thousands of call from concerned Nigerians, wonders why such rascally should be allowed in a democratic ambiance as ours. Because according to him, no right thinking person will take law into his hands and go destroying other peoples property, particularly a party one claims to be the acting National Chairman.

Speaking on the perpetrators antecedents, he said, "further investigation showed that 60% of those who carried out that operation were hoodlums hired by Matins Agbaso and his cohort to destroy our properties in Abuja. 

They broke the doors, broke the windows, gain access to sensitive materials, took away money in my office. So what kind of people are they? They are thieves, rogues.
Why should you go break into my office, broke into my safe, took away money?" 

So we want to treat them as criminal and that is exactly what they are".

On the IGP's intervention,  the National Chairman revealed, "when the inspector general of police intervened, the same day normalcy was restored, the policemen stationed there were withdrawn". "

As we speak our normal policemen have been fully restored and normal activities have resumed since yesterday. Our staff return to office at 8 am and our National Secretary  address a world press conference  which was aired in many radio and television stations".

"So we are happy with the police so far, the cooperation  we have received".

Exposing Agbazo for what he is, Chief Oye continued, "the truth of the matter is that Martin Agbaso has been walking around, perambulating, gallivanting from here to there with an expired court order which he obtained from Enugu  high court fraudulently". 

His name was not on the list, he was not a plaintiff, he was not a defendant. Myself who is suffering the action, am neither a defendant nor a plaintiff. So from where do they manufacture that kind of order. They call it the order of mandamus. What's order of mandamus? 

For you to issue an order of mandamus, an earlier order or judgement must have been brazenly floated and that will lead to mandamus order. Which means compelling an authority to carry out the order of a court of competent jurisdiction . That's what a mandamus is. 

But in this case there was no court order precedent, no judgement precedent, the just went ahead and dash Agbaso a judgement obtained by Ali Oke Mark, who was the plaintiff in that case. He got the order and hand it over to Agbaso on a platter. so police are expected to investigate that case and feel with these people because they are miscreants.

Martin Agbazo is not a member of APGA, he left APGA in 2015 in pursuit of his governorship ambition. He contested with Ihedioha and others in the PDP primary
and got only 1 vote. The man is not on ground. In Imo State where he came from, Owerri North LG, the 12 ward chairmen, including the chairman of his ward, Emekuku Ward1, had repudiated him, they've disowned him.

The 27 LG Chairmen in Imo state have also disowned him. The entire state Working Committee of APGA in Imo State had also disowned him. So who is He? He is
persona non-grata and this kind of man should not be walking the street free. Where does he get the power to galivant as the acting National Chairman of APGA. 

This kind of person has the capacity to cause a bridge of the peace and throw this nation  into confusion. It's high time the Federal Government and the security agencies call them to order".

Chief Oye who stated that the leadership of the party was never in question, explained the process that brought him in as the national chairman.

"I was duly elected by the national convention of the party on the 6th of June, 2015. Where is Martin Agbaso coming from when he does even had a valid membership card. Because in emekuku ward 1 where he comes from, his name is not on the register and i'm certain about that. 

You heard the judgement of the supreme court of Nigeria about 3 weeks ago, that it is only the national convention of a political party that can elect or remove the chairman of a party after casting 2/3 of the majority of the votes at that convention.

So in our constitution, section 20: 3B, it is expressly stated there that for you to remove the National Chairman you need to convene a national convention, then 2/3 of the members present at that convention vote against the continued chairmanship of that particular person. After that, the chairman will be removed if they get 2/3 majority from that convention which has been legitimately convene.

But in the case of Martin Agbazo, nobody elected him into any office. He was not even a member, he was not in the national inking committee. Who is he?. As far as i'am concern  Martin Agbazo is a stranger. 

And why what happened in Abuja is exasperating and very insulting is that we have four court judgements from different courts. One from Nnewi  interlocutory  order, expressing clearly that Martin Agbazo should not conduct the primary of the governorship election in Anambra. Then the court in Awka, also gave a judgement, so we have judgement in Awka and that judgement is very clear, that Victor lke Oye remains the National  Chairman of APGA, in accordance with article 20: 3B of APGA constitution 2014, as amended. Then the one from Ibadan is very clear, that one has what we called perpetual injunction against the Man. 

So where is he coming from. He has nothing as far as we are concern. So probably after looking at our case, the authority decided to do what was right. And they have done it. 

And what it means is that where ever these people are found, the security agencies should arrest them, prosecute them, because as a political party, he have incidented the case at the police station and we following it up to arraign them before the law and deal with them".

On Anambra election and Obiano's performance, Chief Oye said, "Anambra state is a very peaceful state, the most peaceful and secured state in Nigeria. 

Gov. Willie Obiano has performed excellently and the whole world has attested to it.
If you come to anambra state, there is 24 hours security . If it were in other clime, people will be begging the governor to go for another term.

I don't see any body parading himself as a governorship aspirant in Anambra state that can equate Obiano in terms of performance and character. There is none. So Anambra people will make the worst mistake of their lives if they allow this great opportunity that God has given them  slip, they must guide it jealously". 

Chief Oye reaffirmed that the party is well bonded and firmly together, urge ndi Anambra to be vigilant as the governorship election approaches.

"We are going to have Governorship election come November 18 and we are going to do it peacefully. And if it goes  peacefully, Governor Willie Obiano  will emerge  winner and continue with his good work for the development  of the state", he said.

By Emmanuel Aniagoh

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