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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Oderaigbo! Stop Maligning The Reputation Of The Judiciary - Comr Ifezue

The online posts by So-called 'Oderaigbo' that is circulating on social media is a total falsehood and the opposite of the position of things in the state judiciary. 

As an insider am aware that 100% of judges  of the state high court hold the Chief Judge in a very high esteem. And the reason is because of the Chief Judge's commitment to improving the state Judiciary, through enhanced working conditions and welfare of all officials and staff of the state judiciary.

Every right thinking person in Anambra state knows that the state. Judiciary led by the Hon. Justice Peter Umeadi is not having the best of relationship with the state Governor, based on issues concerning the independence of the judiciary. Be that as it may, the chief judge is an integral part of the state government being a head of an arm and nothing wrong in relating with the governor within the confines  of the law.

The regular press I know  respects the laws of libel and slander and are always conscious of that. But the illicit yahoo press, and online blackmailers like Oderaigbo, who is only interested in doing the bidding of his paymasters. The state judiciary has no apology to a HIRED GUN like the poster. You have sufficiently maligned the CJ and the Hon. Judges of Anambra but one day you will be put on the HOT SEAT to prove these your wild allegations.

In my capacity as the chairman of Jusun  Anambra State, I negotiated the change of official car for the CJ in 2015 in the course of our struggle for for financial autonomy. And this change of official car was a major issue then, which the government redeemed long ago. It is therefore callous for the poster to be posting rubbish just to satisfy his paymasters and bring the judiciary to disrepute through his JUNKIE JOURNALISM.

The same poster sometime early this year raised a false post on existence of ghost workers in the Payroll of the state Judiciary, which after a painstaking bio-metric excise was found to be false. The Biometric data capturing was carried in the full public glare, and was monitored by the state Accountant General, Auditor General and Attorney General

Therefore, the state Judiciary must be insulated from politics. Mr poster don't expect the judiciary to work against  the state government because we are an integral part of it. Mark my words one day u will square up with the CJ, then, your Junkie journalism and alarmist/derogatory reports would be put to serious test.

Just pray that you will survive it.

Comrade Mark Ifezue

Chairman, Judiciary staff Union of Nigeria JUSUN,

Anambra state.

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