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Thursday, July 13, 2017

'Ndi Anambra Are Indebted To Obiano' - Chief Fredrick Ezika

Chief Fredrick Ezika, a successful businessmen and a leader of thought, in an interview with Evang Chinedu Ezikwe, gave Governor Obiano’s administration kudos for entrenching security of lives and properties in Anambra State. 

He commended the Governor for rolling out tax stimulus packages for ndi- Anambra to cushion the effects of the economic recession ravaging our country and further said that business in Anambra State is lucrative because of the enabling environment created by Governor Obiano’s administration for it to thrive in Anambra State.


Reporter: As a businessman what is your reaction to the tax stimulus package that was rolled out for Ndi Anambra by Governor Obiano’s administration to cushion the effects of economic recession?

Chief Fred: It is a welcome development. The tax stimulus package has gone a long way in ameliorating the suffering of small scale businessmen and women in Anambra State. One thing i noticed about Governor Obiano is that he is a man whose heart is overflowing with milk of kindness. He feels the pain of the people he is governing.

I commend him for that tax stimulus package because it shows that with him at the helm of affairs, Ndi Anambra will not feel the pain of economic recession. Recently minister of budget was quoted saying that he had no idea exactly when Nigeria will come out of recession whereas here in Anambra Governor Obiano succeeded in ensuring that our people did not feel the effects of economic recession. Ndi Anambra are highly indebted to Governor Obiano and will use the forthcoming governorship election to pay the debt by voting en-mass for him in appreciation of his good works in our State.

Reporter: What is your assessment of Governor Obiano’s performance in office?

Chief Fred: Governor Obiano has done well as far as am concerned, I see him as a God sent to Anambra businessmen and Ndi-Anambra in general. When he took office he tackled the problem of insecurity that bedeviled our state for a very long time. To God be the glory that he was able to curb insecurity in Anambra State and today Ndi-Anambra are sleeping with their two eyes closed. Governor Obiano used his commendable war against insecurity in Anambra State to create an enabling environment for business to thrive in our state.

Our business men are now reaping the fruit of their business investment. Foreign investors are trooping to Anambra State to invest in our beloved State. So my opinion is that Governor Obiano has justified the confidence reposed in him by Ndi-Anamba electorates. In the past, upsurge in kidnapping activities in Anambra State chased prominent Anambra citizens out of our State to the extent that they don’t go home to celebrate Christmas and other traditional ceremonies.

But as at today, our people now come home to celebrate Christmas and other ceremonies. In Nigeria, many state are owes backlog of salary to their workers, but Governor Obiano is paying salaries as at when due. Our civil servants are smiling to the bank every end of the month to enjoy the fruit of their labour. Outside payment of salary and entrenching the security of lives and properties in Anambra State, Governor Obiano is delivering other dividends of good governance to Ndi-Anambra.

His administration is upgrading infrastructural facilities in our state. Awka as Anambra State capital is now wearing the befitting look of a state capital. If you enter Awka during the night the beauty of the state capital will stare you directly in the face. Another commendable initiative of Governor Obiano’s administration is the lighting up of Anambra State with solar energy street light. You can drive in some part of Anambra State at night without your Car head lamb being switched on.

One good thing about Governor Obiano is that he is a man whose words are his bond. He came into office with a continuity pledge and has not reneged on that pledge. Some of the projects he inherited from his predecessor that he promised to complete have been completed while some are still ongoing. For example, the Ozu Umunachi road is nearing completion, the Contractor handling the project have started asphalting the road.

Don’t forget that most of the inherited projects were awarded in 2013 that is few months to the exit of Mr. Peter Obi from office. So in all honesty, Governor Obiano deserves commendation for his good works in Anambra State. Most especially, he must be commended for eradicating kidnapping from Anambra State.

Reporter: Anambra will go to the poll on November 18th 2017 to elect a Governor, opposition party leaders are threatening to do everything humanly possible to take over Anambra State. What is your reaction to their threat?

Chief Fred: Well, it is an empty threat because Ndi-Anambra are poised to re-elect Governor Obiano for a merited 2nd term in office and they cannot be intimidated or coerced into doing the wrong thing by undemocratic forces. The vote of Ndi-Anambra must count in this forthcoming election.

That threat is an invitation for anarchy because the evil plots of undemocratic forces must be vehemently resisted by Ndi-Anambra. My belief is that Anambra electorates are indebted to Governor Obiano and they will use their Voters card to clear the debt in the forthcoming November 18th 2017 governorship election. Our people are not ingrates hence the reason why they will endeavour to appreciate Governor Obiano’s good works in our state by casting their Vote for him. So threatening fire and brimstone will not coerce Ndi-Anambra to do the wrong thing.

Our people use to say that one good turn deserves another. So in other words Governor Obiano deserves to be re-elected for another four years as Anambra State Governor. His re-election is a vote for more dividends of good governance delivery to our people. We cannot abandon Governor Obiano for those that don’t have good plan for our people, especially now that our people have tested and trusted him for proving his mettle. Ndi-Anambra will definitely vote for continuity in the forthcoming November 18th governorship election.

Reporter: What is your assessment of the ongoing INEC voters registration exercise in Anambra State.

Chief Fred: I think INEC should redress the glaring anomalies in the ongoing exercise. A situation whereby people will abandon what they are doing to visit INEC office to get registered as eligible voters and they will be disappointed by INEC officials is not acceptable and will affect our democracy. Our people are now eager to perform their civil responsibility by exercising their democratic franchise during elections and should be encouraged to do so. INEC need to do away with obnoxious policies that is affecting their operational activities and making them look like a biased umpire.

The difficulties our people do encounter in the ongoing INEC Continuous voters registration exercise is not being encountered in the North. So my advice to INEC leadership is that they should do the needful that is required of them as an unbiased electoral umpire for the deepening of our Country nascent democracy.

Reporter: What advice do you have for Ndi-Anambra ahead of the November 18th governorship election?

Chief Fred: My advice is that they should not sell their democratic franchise for a pot of porridge yam because if they do, it will end in regrets. They must reject the temptation of being monetarily induced to vote for the wrong person. It is said that the devil you know is better than the angel you don’t know and for this reason they should re-elect Governor Obiano for a merited 2nd term in office as a reward for his good works in our state.

Our people must not allow themselves to be intimidated by undemocratic forces, I advice them to remain law abiding citizens and to continue supporting the truly working administration of Governor Obiano.

Reporter: Thank you sir.

Chief Fred: You are welcome.

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