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Sunday, July 02, 2017

JUST IN! Priests Are Collecting Bribe, They Will Go To Hell - Chike Obidigbo

The All Progressives Congress aspirant in Anambra State known for lying against his fellow contenders and employing some online thugs to attack and denigrate the office of the governor of Anambra State has committed yet another grave blunder.

Obidigbo who has severally attempted to mislead the public by releasing unfounded stories, few minutes ago, declared that priests are collecting brides emphasising that they will go to hell.

Speaking through Eneh Chigozie, his aide on Social Media, Obidigbo accused "Obiano of bribing the church and men of God" noting "that any priest that collects such bribe will go to hell".

The statement being spread by Obidigbo's aide attempts to make mess of the laudable achievements of Gov Obiano but ended up dragging our anointed priests into a bribery controversy.

You may recall that governor Obiano, who's known to have bridged the once widening dichotomy between the top religious denominations in the State, has maintained the culture of releasing funds to churches to enable them manage the schools currently returned to them by the government.

It's yet to be clear whether these subventions pushed the APC aspirant into berating the clergy and painting them as "bribe takers".

Evidently, desperate to clinch to power, this aspirant through his team has maligned anyone that shows support for the working Governor, be it the revered clergy, the respected traditional rulers and stakeholders.

While we continue to pray that these desperate aspirants repent and save the future of the Youths they engage in ethuggery, we dearly ask for forgiveness on behalf of Eneh and his Co travelers

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