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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Dr Okey Odunze Bears It All With 35 Bullet Points That Nailed APC, PDP

Written as heard from the horse's mouth at the stakeholders meeting held yesterday at Triple Tree Hotel, Amaokpala for the people of Aguata, Orumba North and South local government areas of Anambra State.

Dr Okechukwu Odunze speaks...

1. Looking at all the great works of the governor, one is charged not to sit at home and allow the boastful few to scuttle our progress

2. Any effort aimed at reelecting Obiano is not for the governor but for our children and our children's children

3. My movement involves all political parties; A APC, PDP, APGA as well as non party me

4. Because of the situation we have in Anambra today, we cannot exclude anybody

5. I'm here to inform my people about something going on which they cannot afford not to be part and parcel of

6. I've met one third of the checkers and movers of this State

7. We prayed and many fasted till one day, God in His infinite Mercy gave us a developer and selfless leader as governor in the person of Chief Willie Obiano

8. I know more people in OAU than my town due to my service to them. So, anything that touches people in this area touches me

9. I don't like the way APC is treating Andy Uba

10. I'm concerned because of my respect for his family through his brothers

11. From what I read, it is as if Andy Ubah went and sued himself for a court in Abuja to say he has this or he has that

12. But he must not be a governor

13. This is not a personal discovery, Andy Ubah is inconveniencing us and many people from OAU are being deceived

14. God has already made a promise through the governor that if OAU agrees in one voice, that power will rest in Anambra South after Obiano

15. I don't go to the houses of big men especially those who believe that they are over rich, exaggerate themselves and blow their wealth out of proportion

16. I'm advising Andy Ubah without being paid... Let him stop. Because definitely, they will not give him ticket

17. It's too expensive for somebody to go into that primary with thousands of delegates and after all, the money becomes a waste

18. Even if he wins the ticket, we in Obiano line will stop him

19. I advise Andy Ubah to prove his enemies wrong by this September entering any University of choice

20. That's what I did. I ran to London, got my 1st Degree in Sociology and Anthropology; I came back to ESUT, got PGD Banking and Finance; I went to UNILAG, got MSc Political Science and I went to Abuja....

21. It took me 14 years to leave my business and everything to pursue education

22. Apart from Salvation of God, the 2nd best gift to man is Education

23. Goody from the same Aguata is a good friend of mine, and I used to be in his office in London "emesia ọlụ akwụ a ụgwọ, onwe ego rinne"

24. But that does not mean you come to start talking when a Sacred governor like Obiano is talking

25. Do you know what you are doing? Assembling people, and giving them your money which you know that your effort will be futile?

26. And you expect a person like Okechukwu Odunze at your back? Who will lead who?

27. But let me say one thing. APGA, you must open up... Befriend anybody you know that can convert people to vote

28. Even your foes, for the sake of this all important election, you make sure you settle with everyone

29. Anybody that is APC, forgive him because he doesn't know what he or she is doing

30. Anybody that's still in PDP, save him or her from drowning

31. Anybody that's in all these appendage parties, bring them back

32. They are trying to forestall the governor coming to Anambra South in the next four years

33. Anybody can be next governor after Obiano; Andy, Ezeemo, Sọludo... Sọludo is a Presidential material but can get governorship on a platter of gold

34. But if the give so much heat now, then after Obiano, anyone can go

35. Except governor Obiano, I'm not ready to submit myself to anybody in this State.

NB: This is just the Part A of Dr Odunze's meeting with major grassroots Stakeholders in Old Aguata Union. Expect the Part B with Video Clips.

He will today meet with Stakeholders from Anambra North at Ụmụeri and Anambra Central at Awka... Expect more!

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