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Friday, June 02, 2017

10 Things to Know About the Motorbike Brigade of the Nigerian Police, Anambra State Command

1. Gov Obiano in the first batch presented 50 specially made motorcycles for the Police Force just before Christmas last year;

2. Gov Obiano yesterday presented another 50 motorcycles to the Police Force making it a total of 100 smart bikes that have been commissioned;

3. IG of Police said this is the first time Motorbike Brigade is coming to live in Nigeria;

4. The smart bikes possess communication gadgets likened to standard command and control centres;

5. The Motorbike Brigade will penetrate areas where vehicles may not reach;

6. The Motorbike Brigade will check snatching of phones, bags and other items by criminals;

7. Each smart bike will be mounted by 2 fully kitted and specially trained Police riders;

8. The Motorbike Brigade will be in close connection with Sand Bags Unit; Metro Patrol Unit; Marine Unit; Smart Cars Unit and the Aerial Surveillance Unit;

9. The Motorbike Brigade will patrol both the urban cities and other communities;

10. More smart bikes will be donated as and when the need arises.

This is just one out of many interventions of the administration of Gov Willie Obiano in protecting the lives and properties of ndi Anambra.

Anambra is today, the Safest State In Nigeria... #ObianoEffect

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