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Friday, May 12, 2017

PRESS STATEMENT: National Association Of Igbo Youths Cautions Rochas Okorocha, APC Over Inciting Comments Against Obiano,Ndi Anambra And Igbo Nation.


 The attention of the National Association of Igbo Youths has been drawn to the threats, inflammatory and inciting statement made by a Fellow South Eastern Governor, Rochas Okorocha of Imo State against the administration of Governor Willie Obiano of Anambra State, Ndi-Aanambra and the Igbo Nation as reported, in the Punch Newspaper of 9th May 2017.

The Imo State Governor had said that nothing would stop the All Progressives Congress (APC) from taking over Anambra State in the November 18 governorship poll.

Governor Okorocha stated this while inaugurating the so called Rochas Peoples Movement in Anambra State on Monday 8th May 2017, said the main objective of the movement was to register grassroots presence in the state.

In his words “we shall all come down here to deliver the State to the ruling All Progressives Congress” According to him “No man born of a woman can stop us from taking over Anambra State come November 18”.

Ordinarily, we would have ignored Okorocha’s comments as a mere political oratory to cajole the people as is common in this clime, but beyond this it is important to point out the high level of inflammatory and inciting comment that is somewhat a declaration of war on the Anambra people.

Why has Rochas who has failed woefully as Governor of his Imo state now taken it as a point to come to Anambra to do this if not to foment trouble?

Rochas who is not even sure of his standing and his political future in his own state is now trying to take Anambra state, albeit by hook or by crook. It is common knowledge today across the nation that Rochas cannot win any election in his state due to his negative political records.

It is also widely known that Roachas election and entry into Imo government house was done under controversial circumstance and this is also what he wants to foist on Anambra State. But he should know that Anambra is not Imo State and the people of Anambra will surely resist such evil attempt or plot.

From what he said, he and his part the APC are planning to infiltrate Anambra with mercenaries. And we already have intelligence report from the APC meeting which took place recently and we have reports that its aim is to destabilize Anambra state.

Good enough Rochas realizes that “Anambra is critical in Igbo politics”  For Okorocha, he is setting up a political structure in Anambra to unseat Governor Obiano because of this fact. But this will not work.

We the people of Anambra and the entire Igbo Youths are for Igbo solidarity and Anambra is the symbol of that solidarity since it is today the custodian of the visible political manifestation of late Dim Chukwuemeka Ojukwu lofty and laudable legacies, as represented by an APGA government.

By implication, anyone who is trying to take Anambra from APGA is trying to take away the soul of the Igbo race because Anambra through APGA is the only surviving child of this Igbo political legacy.

Other regions, parts and peoples of the country have the political parties where they have their roots, and for the Igbo it is APGA. So any attempt to attack or destroy this root is to say the least sacrilegious. We the Igbo people will rise up against this planned invasion.

All Igbo should see this travesty. Rochas’s statement is indeed callous and uncalled for especially at this time when the Igbo people are trying to carve a new political future for themselves based on equity and justice, virtues which every true Igbo man would live for and even ready to die for.

What APGA represents is the legacy bequeathed to us by our leader Ikemba Ojukwu and we will not compromise that uncommon heritage. It is a symbol of our solidarity and oneness, a unifying factor and an embodiment of the Igbo race and idealism. APGA is not just a political party but a family and kindred spirit of the Igbo race wherever they may be.

Igbos everywhere must be alert to stop this evil plan. Rochas and his cohorts have already begun to register people of questionable origin clandestinely with the aim of moving them to Anambra to rig the election. Their plan is to use the army, police and other security agencies to harass the people of Anambra to have their way in the November 18 poll.

They are boasting of their access to federal might to manipulate INEC and other government agencies to undermine the collective interest of Anambra and the entire Igbo people. But this will not work. We will stop them on their tracks.

The Igbo people are not known to be cowards or sell outs. We cannot be cajoled or deceived by a plate of porridge. We are known to always stand up tall for what we believe in and if need be die defending it. This we will do to defend the interest of Anambra and Igbo people during the forthcoming election in Anambra state.

As a group that represents Igbo race and youths across the world we state categorically that this statement credited to Governor Rochas is indeed a threat to the security and stability of Anambra and the South East as a whole.

The implication of the statement is that they are planning to import mercenaries and as they have done in other places to unleash mayhem.

We therefore call on President Mohammadu Buhari to call Rochas to order before he brings an ant infested maggot home with very dire consequences. We want it to be on record that any attempt to subvert the will and aspirations of Anambra and Igbo people will meet serious resistance.

APGA is the only symbol of the legacies left behind by Ikemba and we will not throw it to the dogs. We will no sale it for any amount. It is our pride and our goodly heritage which we hope to preserve and expand to our children and unborn generations of Igbos.

Ojukwu had told us to keep it in his remembrance and this we are committed to doing. Other political parties are sponsored by other ethnic groups and when the chips are down they use it as a basis for negotiations, we cannot do otherwise or be left homeless.

We must say that this unwarranted attack from Rochas is very unfortunate, un-called for and regrettable. It sparks a feeling of regret that we the Igbos have shown so much good-will that some of our adopted sons in Igbo land who are now in high offices  are now trying to spit in our face; after all there are unanswered questions as to their ancestry till date.

Indeed we believe that Okorocha “is an example of what a leader should not be”.  Who is he to speak of providing leadership for Indi-igbo when he cannot pay workers salaries and now tries to intimidate Imo retirees to forfeit 60% of their areas of their sweat.

Are these the kind of ideas we need at this critical time? He should be worried of trying to unseat Governor Obiano who does not only pay salaries as at when due but has also revolutionized the entire economy of Anambra state, despite the recession crippling many states.

Let it be emphasized that Governor Obiano has not only been paying and increasing workers emoluments; he has also introduced credible palliative measures to mitigate the suffering from the current economic recession. This is apart from the myriads of development projects across Anambra state.

Governance is not about making empty statements. What are the achievements of Rochas in Imo state?  Can he match the sterling achievements of Governor Obiano?

Governor Okorocha whose so called free education policy at all levels has been a fluke and at best an over bloated media hype. His other so called programmes have also been discovered to be mere flash in the pan as the people of Imo have seen through his tricks.

The pedestal of long term service and integrity where serious Governors like Obiano stands cannot take the likes of Okorocha.

The world knows Chief Willie Obiano’s antecedent as an accomplished banker of repute and a great juggernaut in the finance industry. But the same cannot be said of Okorocha as Nigerians truly know him for other reasons, including the tricky kite of contesting for the Presidency just to corner some change into his pockets and the records are there for everyone to see.

But the record of Governor Obiano intimidates Rochas. Obiano had made it in the banking industry and retired as a Director of fledging bank. Obiano was indeed a career professional and consummate banker whose record both in the private sector cannot be rubbished.

Rochas and his co travelers would have to deal with this record and his outstanding performance as governor of Anambra in their indecent attempt to supplant Governor Obiano. Indeed it is clear that they will surely fail.



N.  CHUKWUKA                                                          BARR. ORJI
National Publicity Secretary                                 National Secretary

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