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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Obiano, APGA and the Future of Ndi Igbo... 30 Things You Must Know!

1. What ndi Igbo need now is their voice to be properly heard

2. Ndi Igbo have whatever it takes to be/remain the greatest except "One Voice"

3. United in "One Voice" Ndi Igbo can then rightly decide their future

4. In Nigeria today, Voice of a political party is louder than lone voices of the independent

5. Of all existing political parties, APGA holds the best future for ndi Igbo

6. APGA has survived as one incorruptible party since creation growing from strength to strength without compromising its integrity

7. APGA has produced former and present leaders being celebrated by Nigerians as the greatest of their kind.

8. APGA has made Anambra a model State through quality leadership and good governance

9. APGA has given Ndi Anambra an identity, a voice that is needed by Ndi Igbo in general

10. APGA might not have grown so fast but in the last 3 years it has penetrated more States outside South East Nigeria

11. Being a leader with vision, who thinks globally while acting locally, Obiano's 3 years leadership has seen APGA become truly National

11. Today, APGA has Federal House Members from Taraba State

12. Today, APGA has House of Assembly members in Bayelsa State

13. Today, APGA has House of Assembly members in Abia State

14. For the first time, APGA has 29 out of 30 members of the State House of Assembly in Anambra

15. Today, APGA has an Executive Chairman within the Federal Capital Territory, "Abuja"

16. In Nassarawa State, APGA is believed to have won the Governorship Election

17. In Abia State, the people believe that APGA deserves the governorship seat

18. Recently, APGA overwhelmingly contested gubernatorial elections in Ogun, Edo and Osun States

19. Just 3 years of Obiano as the National Leader and BoT Chairman, APGA as a beautiful bride is being sort by all men of Goodwill across borders

20. With Anambra as its model State, APGA remains the only National Party that best Protects the Interest of Ndi Igbo

21. Imagine all states in the South East being like Anambra and Ndi Igbo everywhere feeling blessed like Ndi Anambra

22. With APGA, only men of integrity and impeccable character can align with ndi Igbo from other parts of Nigeria

23. A vote for APGA by Ndi Igbo all over Nigeria and their allies will give us the much needed voice

24. Imagine if all town Unions come together wherever they are as branches of APGA

25. Come Novembr 18, 2017, Ndi Anambra are too wise to lose their birthright... They will vote APGA!!!

26. Only APGA state is paying workers salary on the 24th of every month amidst recession

27. Only APGA State stands at same time as the Safest State, Most Worker's Friendly State, Number One in Agro Revolution, Tops in Investment, Tops in Education, Tops in Poverty Alleviation, Tops in Youth Involvement in Governance, Tops in Press Freedom and Tolerance of Critics, etc

28. What Ndi Igbo needs now is a loud voice, good governance, great leadership and youth participation in decision making

29. APGA is our loud voice; APGA represents Good Governance - try Anambra State; APGA has great leaders - think Obiano; APGA supports youth participation!

30. Chief Odumegwu Ojukwu, the Great General, once said, "Umu Nne M, Nke A Bu Nke Anyi"
Igbo is Our Identity... APGA is Our Party

I believe in the State of the Rising Sun... Do You?
#ObianoEffect #TeamAPGA #APGAEffect #TeamObiano #Igbo #SouthEast

By Ifeanyi Aniagoh

SSA on Social Media

Anambra State.

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