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Thursday, May 18, 2017

BOMSHELL! 20 Punches From Dr Okey Odunze’s Press Conference on Anambra 2017 That Got Opposition Nerve-racking

Don’t be in a hurry. If you love Anambra State, read this and share your views.

Dr Okechukwu Odunze, a strong voice in Anambra politics who's regarded as one of the State's "Mr Fix It" and a former governorship aspirant has this to say about Anambra 2017:

1. On resumption of office, Obiano met the state totally controlled by armed robbers and criminals.

2. In less than 6 months of Obiano, Anambra became free from criminals and high profile criminality and now the safest State in Nigeria.

3. Prior to Obiano, myself and others travel to Anambra every weekend with armed security men to attend traditional marriages and funeral ceremonies, but now it is no longer the case.

4. With the success achieved in security, Anambra is ripe for investment and business growth.

5. Agriculture has since risen so high with evident increase in rice production and vegetable export to the Europe.

6. The oil well we previously access from Enugu and Kogi State can now be reached through the new access road and the longest bridge in the South East constructed by Obiano

7. Road construction, which our people mostly demand from government, is ongoing in the state and even the ones commenced by governor Obi are being pursued and most of them completed.

8. Awka is wearing a new look with heart blowing fly-overs completed in 2 years and currently being beautified.

9. Civil servants are overwhelmed by this man’s magnanimity and kindness that they have under the Joint Labour Union endorsed and encouraged him to go for 2nd term as governor of Anambra State.

10. Pensioners have continued to celebrate his continued payment of their gratuity even in recession.

11. Willie Obianos’ ingenious leadership at a time like this in the history of Nigeria is unprecedented and cannot be compromised on the altar of primordial sentiment or political grand standing.

12. Obiano has, in a never-seen-before approach, given every community N20m to embark on any project of common interest to them with contractor and workers coming from the same community as a concept to fight recession and ensure liquidity in the state.

13. Institutions are being set up and established to stay beyond administrations not a one man styled leadership which is what we were used to.

14. They say Willie is Working and I say he is providing awesome leadership never seen in my state or anywhere else in Nigeria.

15. Obiano’s style of leadership cannot be mortgaged for politics.

16. Willie Obiano deserves to continue his redefinition of leadership for another 4 years.

17. My humble self, my group and our allied groups who cut across all the political parties in the state decided to throw our wait to governors’ second winning of election.

18. We solicit for every party, social groups and cultural groups with all those who can vote and those who can convince people that have vote to come together and join us in this our great political crusade with the interest not only ourselves or for governor Obiano but for our future generation.

19. We urge our brothers, sisters, fathers, and mothers in Diaspora to come home quickly and take a place of honour and be part of the winning.

20. We advise all governorship aspirants in Anambra State to come out from their personalized interest to join Governor Obiano irrespective of their party except those who are doing such as a game for business.

Are you surprised? ... Watch him HERE:

#OppositionEffect ... Anambra Is Our Own!!!

By Rtn. Ifeanyi Aniagoh

SSA, Social Media

Anambra State.

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