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Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Presenting The Apostles, As We Count Down to the 'Resurrection' Concert tagged “#PopStarsofthe70s”

The band was officially called The Apostles (or The Apostles of Aba), but as some of their album covers announced them simply as "Apostles. 

There is no doubt that the Apostles are just about the biggest thing to hit the Nigerian Pop Music scene during the era . The Apostles were disciples of a heavy kind of psychedelic soul/rock fusion.

Perseverance, endurance, hard work and able Leadership of Walton Arungwa-- Group's Lead Guitarist are the Magic in their Success.

After The Funkees left for London, and Wings split, they stepped into the breach to become the champions of East Nigeria’s  flourishing post-war music scene. Based in Aba, and led by guitarist and charismatic Walton Arungwa, they laid down a  couple of singles with the city’s newly-formed BEN label. EMI liked what they heard and in 1976 whisked the band to Lagos to record 'The Apostles' with the legendary Emmanual Odenusi at the controls.

A heavy mix of wailing guitar, swirling organ and James Brown-style vocals, it became a fixture in every east Nigerian home. ‘Never Too Late’ sets the stage with a scorching lead break that most believe was played by guitar-slinger-for-hire, Felix ‘Feladay’ Odey.

Drummer Joel Madubuike  and bass player Henry Tandu lay down the rock solid groove for Benji Davidson’s righteous organ lines in ‘Inflation’ and  ‘Highway to Success.’ And each is invested with an urgency from battle-hardened vocals of Chyke Fussion, a veteran of the Biafra war.

Aba is one of Nigeria’s largest cities and an epicenter for music during that time. The Apostles became superstars on the strength of several hit singles. Their second LP, Black Is Beautiful, is one of the most enjoyable albums of the era: proud, assured, relaxed and extremely powerful.

They proved successful into the 80s and lead singer Chyke Fussion still performs in Aba to this day.

Kudos to #ObianoEffect, The Apostles will again perform live on stage... At the POP STARS OF THE 70s “Resurrection” Concert also Featuring:
* Foundars15
* Sweet Breeze
* Wings
* One World
* Semi-Colon
* Apostles
* Sokey Ohale
* Funkees
* Aktion

DATE: Easter Sunday, April 16, 2017
VENUE: Alex Ekwueme Square, Awka, Anambra
TIME: From Dusk to Dawn

Don’t Miss this Unforgettable Night of Fun and Nostalgia!
• Prizes to be won by best 1970's dressers, dancers and singers from the audience.
• Tickets are available at:
√ Shoprite (Onitsha, Asaba, Owerri)
√ Roban Stores (Awka and Enugu)
√ El Dorado Event Centre, Owerri Road, Aba

For Sponsorship Call:
~ Ernest  ⏩ 0803 395 3677
~ Ngozi  ⏩ 0806 330 4605

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