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Monday, February 13, 2017

OBIANO, THE LIGHT OF ANAMBRA STATE- When A Big Lion Roars, Smaller Lions, Run To Hide

On the 1st of December, 2013, a big Lion roared and other Smaller Lions ran and hid as many other wild animals ran off their habitats to embrace and welcome the peace making Chief Lion as the Smaller Lions were enemies to them.

This personification means that on the above date, a light shone in Anambra State and the Communities ran out in mass to welcome the governor as haven heard the result of the God – engineered Anambra State governorship election which proved Akpokuo Dike of Aguleri, the Victor.

Anambra State as a whole was happy as a gentleman with altruism who has his people’s interest at heart emerged as the governor.

His Excellency, Chief Dr. Willie Mmaduabuchukwu Obiano when wasn’t the governor, had dream on how he could draw his people out of the depth of a dangerous valley where they suffered without hope of rescue from the hands of scavengers. For this dream, his excellency had strategically poured submissive to those scavengers who were in power in other to assume office and show that he is a God-sent.

Indeed, Akpokuo Dike has done noble and fulfilled all his campaign manifestos in just three years and two months in office.

His Excellency his constructing roads in the 3 senatorial zones in the state simultaneously and maintaining existing ones.

For instance, the road in Uli that links AMAMPUTU to IHIALA, the one from EZIAMA, leading to UBULUISIUZOR is under maintenance. And in our city, good road network and quality traffic control to avoid congestion of vehicles on our express ways. As we all can observe, commercial motorcyclists no longer ride on our major roads on legal order. This bad attitude was automatically stopped by his excellency as a remedy to reducing the excessive rate of road accident because life is precious. That  not withstanding, our peace –loving governor has provided every community in the state with able bodied and trusted security network, issuing up to five (5) security Vans to each of the communities to ensure swift intervention of security when needed. Most of the security stations in our communities such as Police stations have been renovated, equipped and the officers reshuffled for smart operations. Aside that, most of the popular areas where absmarters  and thieves penetrate such as Upper Iweka, main market, Onitsha, main market, Nnewi and Nkwogbe market, Ihiala are now conducive for traders and pedestrians.

The electricity supply aspect in Anambra State cannot be over emphasized because it is on record that the rate of electricity supply in our state as of today is up 90% more than it was in the past administration.

Talking on the health issue, our caring governor had opened the page of our community health centers, restructured and equipped them with health facilities and required (effective) drugs for the health of his people. A good woman is the heart of her husband. That is why her excellency, chief Mrs. Ebelechukwu Obiano is devoting her time, treasure and finance to work in hands with her husband to realize the “CafĂ© Ambassadors” through which programme, they have put smile in the mouths of the sick, needy and less privileged in our society. It is also the programme through which  her excellency built and is building numerous houses for the windows in our localities and is giving them large amounts of money with support from his excellency in other to lighten their burdens. Many of them she had given jobs both in the state, local governments and communities.

The pensioners from different local governments that made up our dear state are now singing songs of thanksgiving to God as Akpokue Dike had taken care of their pension arrears from the onset of his administration till date. Most often, some state governments in our country pay their civil servants by the end of the month and even sometimes, owe them till the next month due to the project they may have handled. But in Anambra State, the reverse is the case. No civil servant nor pensioner is still owed.

On Friday,13th January, 2017, it was disclosed by the Commissioner for Information, Ogbuefi Tony Nnacheta, on behalf of the Anambra State Executive  council that our progressive governor has increased the salaries of the state civil servant by 15% to be at equal percentage with that of their counterparts at the local governments since the state’s internally generated revenue has increased from N 500 million to N 1billion pointing out that inspite of that, the governor would start paying them on the usual date, 25 of every month but would pay the December salaries before 25th to enable them have more for their Christmas festivities.  According to Ogbuefi, the governor still stands on his goodwill activity of giving out the bags of rice annually to the civil servants. It is with no doubt that no government in our country would stand to do that considering the rate of economic recession our country is suffering today.

The erection of three beautiful and well decorated flyovers in three strategic places along Enugu / Onitsha road is not left behind.

Every successful governor has good and reputable adviser.
The few among the hundreds are to mention.
Hon. Chinedu Obidigwe: Special Adviser on Political Matters,
Hon. Tony Uche: Special Adviser on Youth  mobilization,
Dr. Ifeanyi Ibezim: Special Adviser on  Youth  empowerment,
Rtn. Ifeanyi Aniagor: Senior Special Assistant on Social Media,
Hon. C.T Agupugo: Senior Special Assistant on Diaspora affairs.

The effects of you, the unmentioned staff are not underestimated. Kudos to Akpokou Dike. Anambra is on the verge to becoming America in Nigeria. Let us give our support to the legend of our time for next tenure to realize this dream.

Indeed, Willie is working, doing more with less.

Nnadozie Wisdom Ezenwa
Coordinator, Uli Youths' Organisation For Willie Obiano
Anambra State.

NOTICE: The gathering of 'Uli Youths Organization For Willie Obiano' holds on;
                  Date: 25th February, 2017
                  Venue: Uli Central School Field, Uli.
                  Time: 12:00pm.

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