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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Who said governor Obiano is in a Private Jet, Valentine Obienyem Why? - Ifeanyi Aniagoh

Gov. Obiano at Akanu Ibiam  Airport, waiting to catch his flight with Arik Air

The Senior Special Assistance to Governor Obiano on Social Media, Rtn  Ifeanyi Aniagoh, took to his facebook timeline to berate Valentine Obienyem, media aide to Mr Peter Obi, for peddling falsehood against the Governor.

Below is his facebook post

This jet brought in Atiku Abubakar and Okey Ezibe which you and your paymaster joined to received.

Why all these lies against Obiano? So, you have been the man sponsoring these e-thugs against this government. Oh! I'm disappointed!

It's heartbreaking that men who are expected to be role models to young people are the sponsors of hate messages, ethuggery and joblessness hinged on hopeless future.

What transpired at Akanu Ibiam International Airport has unveiled the fact the Valentine Obienyem is behind all the useless attacks on Governor Obiano.

Quote me. It happened in my full glare! What a shame.

Few moments ago, while waiting for governor Obiano to catch his flight, Arik Air which was supposed to take off by 10:10am but still being delayed as at 11:36am, Atiku Abubakar landed with a Private Jet.
With him in the Jet is Okey Ezibe, a respected stakeholder and a very good friend of Chief Peter Obi
Among those on ground to receive him is same Peter Obi and off course Valentine Obienyem who does the job of taking the "humility selfies".

I personally didn't fancy coming to join in the cheers as everyone was already tired of Arik Air delaying a flight for over 3 hours.
However, gov Obiano who is on his way to Abuja for a very important meeting that will benefit ndi Anambra, graciously stood and walked to join in receiving our former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar.
Just after exchange of peasantries, there was a little quarrel, lo and behold, it was Valentine Obienyem and the airport guards, they were berating him for taking shots of the Private Jet.
I over heard the guard saying, " my friend stop snapping with your phone".

In my mind, I condemned the airport guards for shouting on Valentine, little did I know that he was bent on using the pictures for mischief.
Less than 30 minutes later, Valentine Obienyem has sent the pictures he was caught taking of a Private Jet to his boys on Facebook and twisted the story to mean that governor is hiring Private Jet. Haba! Why?
Why all these attacks and lies against Obiano?

This is heartbreaking to discover that Valentine Obienyem is the man behind all the useless posts against this government. Very unbelievable.
I'm ashamed of you Valentine... Peter Obi must call you to order except if the rumour that he is sponsoring all these is true.

Please before, any one believes or disbelieves me note that:
1. The said Private Jet with the registration number T7/AAA is still parked at the airport probably waiting for Atiku to finish his lecture at Awka;
2. Okey Ezibe is a friend of Peter Obi, you may call him to confirm what they flew in with.
3. Please ask anyone around the airport to confirm if the private plane is still not parked here.
4. Governor Obiano is still sitting in the lounge here waiting for his flight.
5. You can call at the airport or Arik Air desk to confirm these open truth.

These things are verifiable.
The actions of Valentine Obienyem is very condemnable and I have gone out of my way to make this public outcry because I'm so disappointed to know that Valentine Obienyem is the man convoying all these lies.

Valentine Obienyem you are the most trusted staff of Chief Peter Obi, so this means you were directed to do this.
Today, you shocked me with the low level act of yours
Here's a picture of governor Obiano still waiting in the lounge, call the airport and confirm.

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