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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Anambra State Government In Collaboration With The Carter Centre, Commences 2017 Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTD) Drug Distribution in the State.

Anambra State Ministry of Health in Collaboration with Federal Ministry of Health, The Carter Centre and other partner Agencies have commenced the 2017 distribution of Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTD) drugs in the state.

The exercise which have been a yearly activity in the state for more than 10 years is geared towards the eradication of the four key Neglected Tropical Diseases namely; Elephantiasis (Lymphatic Filariasis) caused by the bite of an infected Mosquito, River blindness (Onchocerciasis) caused by the bite of an infected blackfly, Soil Transmitted Helminthes (Intestinal Worms) caused by tiny worms and Bilharzia (Schistosomiasis) caused by tiny worm found in dirty and stagnant water by 2025.

Addressing a team from The Carter Centre on Advocacy visit in his office at Jerome Udeorji Secretariat, Awka, Hon. Commissioner for Health Dr. Joe Akabuike said that the Health well-being of the people of the State has been of paramount important to the state government under the leadership of Governor Wille Obiano, the Executive Governor of Anambra State, stressing that this year drug distribution will be Judiciously distributed and effectively supervised to make sure that it gets to everybody in the state from 5years and above.

Dr. Akabuike also stated that since 2010 the result so far in respect to River blindness shows that the transmission is suspected to have been interrupted, and recent epidemiological evaluations have shown that the prevalence has been drastically reduced from pre-control in 1997/2000 to elimination stage now.

Advising everybody from 5years and above to avail themselves of this opportunity and get treated as the drugs will be distributed from state to L.G.As down to the Community, Villages, Churches, Market e.t.c. The treatment will be door to door. And it is FREE and VERY SAFE.

By Nwokedi Nwanneka A.C

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Dr Okey Odunze Bears It All With 35 Bullet Points That Nailed APC, PDP

Written as heard from the horse's mouth at the stakeholders meeting held yesterday at Triple Tree Hotel, Amaokpala for the people of Aguata, Orumba North and South local government areas of Anambra State.

Dr Okechukwu Odunze speaks...

1. Looking at all the great works of the governor, one is charged not to sit at home and allow the boastful few to scuttle our progress

2. Any effort aimed at reelecting Obiano is not for the governor but for our children and our children's children

3. My movement involves all political parties; A APC, PDP, APGA as well as non party me

4. Because of the situation we have in Anambra today, we cannot exclude anybody

5. I'm here to inform my people about something going on which they cannot afford not to be part and parcel of

6. I've met one third of the checkers and movers of this State

7. We prayed and many fasted till one day, God in His infinite Mercy gave us a developer and selfless leader as governor in the person of Chief Willie Obiano

8. I know more people in OAU than my town due to my service to them. So, anything that touches people in this area touches me

9. I don't like the way APC is treating Andy Uba

10. I'm concerned because of my respect for his family through his brothers

11. From what I read, it is as if Andy Ubah went and sued himself for a court in Abuja to say he has this or he has that

12. But he must not be a governor

13. This is not a personal discovery, Andy Ubah is inconveniencing us and many people from OAU are being deceived

14. God has already made a promise through the governor that if OAU agrees in one voice, that power will rest in Anambra South after Obiano

15. I don't go to the houses of big men especially those who believe that they are over rich, exaggerate themselves and blow their wealth out of proportion

16. I'm advising Andy Ubah without being paid... Let him stop. Because definitely, they will not give him ticket

17. It's too expensive for somebody to go into that primary with thousands of delegates and after all, the money becomes a waste

18. Even if he wins the ticket, we in Obiano line will stop him

19. I advise Andy Ubah to prove his enemies wrong by this September entering any University of choice

20. That's what I did. I ran to London, got my 1st Degree in Sociology and Anthropology; I came back to ESUT, got PGD Banking and Finance; I went to UNILAG, got MSc Political Science and I went to Abuja....

21. It took me 14 years to leave my business and everything to pursue education

22. Apart from Salvation of God, the 2nd best gift to man is Education

23. Goody from the same Aguata is a good friend of mine, and I used to be in his office in London "emesia ọlụ akwụ a ụgwọ, onwe ego rinne"

24. But that does not mean you come to start talking when a Sacred governor like Obiano is talking

25. Do you know what you are doing? Assembling people, and giving them your money which you know that your effort will be futile?

26. And you expect a person like Okechukwu Odunze at your back? Who will lead who?

27. But let me say one thing. APGA, you must open up... Befriend anybody you know that can convert people to vote

28. Even your foes, for the sake of this all important election, you make sure you settle with everyone

29. Anybody that is APC, forgive him because he doesn't know what he or she is doing

30. Anybody that's still in PDP, save him or her from drowning

31. Anybody that's in all these appendage parties, bring them back

32. They are trying to forestall the governor coming to Anambra South in the next four years

33. Anybody can be next governor after Obiano; Andy, Ezeemo, Sọludo... Sọludo is a Presidential material but can get governorship on a platter of gold

34. But if the give so much heat now, then after Obiano, anyone can go

35. Except governor Obiano, I'm not ready to submit myself to anybody in this State.

NB: This is just the Part A of Dr Odunze's meeting with major grassroots Stakeholders in Old Aguata Union. Expect the Part B with Video Clips.

He will today meet with Stakeholders from Anambra North at Ụmụeri and Anambra Central at Awka... Expect more!

Awka South Council Goes After Illegal Revenue Collectors

In a bid to ensure that taxes and levies abolished by the State Government to cushion the effects of economic recession on Ndi Anambra are no longer collected, Awka south Local government has set up a special Committee called Environmental Watch to arrest culprits who go on to collect those levies from unsuspecting residents.

Inaugurating the committee at the Council Headquarters, Amawbia, the Chairman Awka South Transition Committee, Honorable Leo Nwuba, noted with bitterness how some faceless individuals are bent on sabotaging the good gestures of Governor Willie Obiano to Small and Medium Enterprises in the state.

He assured Ndi Anambra and Awka south in particular that whatever might be their experiences since the abolishment, will no longer repeat it self.

Meanwhile the Bayelsa Board of Internal Revenue, BIR, yesterday sealed off the Bayelsa office of Niger Delta Development Commission,
NDDC, over alleged non-remittance of N336million Pay As You Earn, PAYE tax liability.

The Director of Compliance of the Board Mr. Robert Lokoson, who led the enforcement team, said the state government took the steps following fruitless efforts made to recover the outstanding tax deducted from workers’ salaries since 2014.

By Ifeanyi Nwosu

Friday, June 23, 2017

Anambra 2017: All PDP, APC Members Should Decamp to APGA - OAU Stakeholders, Odunze

All the members of the Peoples Democratic Party and their counterparts in other political parties have been urged to decamp to All Progressives Grand Alliance, APGA for the common good of ndị Anambra and ndị Igbo in general.

This formed part of the resolutions reached at the meeting of stakeholders in all Political Parties within Orumba North, Orumba South and Aguata local government areas held earlier today at the Triple Tree hotel, Amaokpala.

Speaking during the meeting, the convener, Chief Okechukwu Odunze who's on a tour of the 3 Senatorial Zones, emphasized that Anambra State Governor, Chief Willie Obiano "is a prayer answered," therefore, "we cannot afford to miss the opportunity of building our own party in a time like this."

Noting that aside APGA, other party members in Anambra "are hypocrites, they go to Abuja, become beggars but come down to Anambra and become agitators against their own people," Dr Odunze said "God gave ndị Anambra a working governor in the person of Chief Willie Obiano on whose great achievements we must stand like a people to form a strong alliance."

According to Dr Odunze, "governor Obiano is developing our communities in accordance with their natural endowments" while "aiding the agricultural development in our agrarian areas, he is also pushing for the infrastructural development of all communities according to the people's wish and needs."

"Looking at all the great works of the governor, one is charged not to sit at home and allow the boastful few to scuttle our progress"

"Any effort aimed at reelecting Obiano is not for the governor but for our children and our children's children," Dr Odunze added

Resolving to ensure that all politicians in the old Aguata region joins and ensures the victory of APGA, the stakeholders promised to advise all their sons and daughters to shelve their gubernatorial ambitions for "ọdịmma ndị Igbo" which will also increase the chances of Anambra South taking over after the 2nd term of governor Obiano.

Moving on to Ukpor Town Hall, Dr Odunze who was amazed by the mammoth crowd gave assurances that "no one can rig out APGA as far as ndị Anambra are on their guard."

Thanking the large number of stakeholders that gathered from Nnewi North, Nnewi South, Ekwusigo and Ihiala local government areas, for their patience and solidarity, Dr Odunze explained the need for every Onye Anambra to "rally around Obiano and APGA to ensure that the all important November 18 election is won squarely for the governor."

Concurring to Dr Odunze's assertion, the stakeholders observed that APGA remains the only party ndị Igbo can run to considering the current State of the Nation with ultimata here and there.
There was unanimous affirmation that all hands must be on deck to actualize the desired victory for APGA come November, 2017.

Present at the meetings were major stakeholders in the various local government areas and leaders of thought at the grassroots level including youth and women leaders, market leaders and heads of community associations and kindred.

The stakeholders meeting continues tomorrow, Saturday, June 24 for Anambra North and Anambra Central Senatorial Districts.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Farmers Market Lands in Awka, Anambra State

Have you been to the new Farmer's Market in Awka?

1. They have products very fresh and direct from the farms;

2. You can get Yams, Vegetables, Fruits, Kilishi, anything edible;

3. The Prices are very affordable;

4. The market is designed to run 24 hours;

5. You can order and get everything delivered at your doorsteps;
6. You can pay without cash;

... and you have access to other valuable services (Cashless Filling Station, Chicken Republic, VIP Lounge, Event Centre, Automated Car Wash, Executive Laundry Services, Bakery, Computerized Vehicle Alignment, Tyre Centre, Domestic Gas Refill/Sales, etc)

Stanel World owned by Mr Stanley Uzochukwu is one of the many investments attracted via the "Akuluo Uno" message of Anambra State Government... #ObianoEffect!

This 24-Hr Stanel Ultramodern Luxury Service Station located close to UNIZIK Main Gate, Awka is not only providing thousands of job opportunities but will also serve as a new market for our local farmers.

Stanel World is the First of its Kind in the whole of South East, Nigeria.

Anambra 2017: See The 30 Tweets That Set The Ball Rolling For Obiano's Re-Election

Early today the Senior Special Assistance to Gov. Obiano on Social Media, Rtn Ifeanyi Aniagoh, posted through his Facebook timeline 30 tweets on the issue of zoning as regards to the Anambra 2017 guber race.

See below, his post;

Why Anambra North, Why Obiano and Ekwueme's Endorsement in 30 Tweets... "If It's Not Broken, Why Mend It?"

Please read...

1. Recently, the former Vice President of Nigeria in the Second Republic, Dr. Alex Ekwueme, implored politicians in Anambra state to comply strictly with the zoning and rotation principles by allowing Anambra North Senatorial district to continue to occupy the governorship seat for uninterrupted eight years.

2. Dr. Ekwueme gave the advice while playing host to a delegation of the state branch of Ohaneze Ndigbo in his Oko country home.

3. The ex-vice president predicated his wise counsel on his belief in the ideals of justice, equity and fairness.

4. He recalled that he, and a foremost Igbo icon, late Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu as well as other delegates from the Southeast and other fair minded delegates from different parts of the country had, during the 1995 National Conference, championed the cause for inclusion of zoning and rotation principles in the Nigerian constitution.

5. Dr. Ekwueme pointed out that Ndigbo had, over the years, campaigned vigorously against discrimination and marginalization, pointing out that it would be contradictory and self-stabbing for politicians in Anambra and other Igbo speaking states to work against the zoning and rotation principles.

6. The sage warned that if Ndi Anambra and Ndigbo violate the zoning and rotation principle in the November 18, 2017 gubernatorial poll, other Nigerians would no longer take them serious in their agitation for a Nigerian president of Igbo extraction in the near future.

7. According to Dr Ekwueme, ""Anambra South led via Ezeife and Mbadinuju; and Anambra Central led through Ngige and Peter; now it's important that Anambra North completes their turn to give them sense of belonging"

8. ... Gov Obiano is presently expanding the frontiers of excellence in Anambra State!

9. One cannot but agree entirely with the ex-vice president, who is apparently the most experienced and highest living former political office holder today from Southeast Nigeria.

10. By age, experience and conduct, Dr. Ekwueme is undoubtedly an elder statesman in Africa.

11. His advice should therefore be given serious consideration by present day members of the political class for the promotion of peace, unity and progress of the country.

12. Although rotation and zoning principles are yet to be enshrined in the Nigerian constitution, they are, nonetheless, already being practiced as a convention by many interest groups in the country.

13. The principles are also in tandem with the federal character provision in the 1999 Constitution, as amended.

14. There is however no gainsaying the fact that federal character principle is more often than not violated or breached by some politicians.

15. Little wonder there are strident agitations for restructuring of Nigeria's political system and infrastructure for justice, equity and fairness to prevail.

16. Be that as it may, Dr. Ekwueme's candid advice for Anambra politicians to allow the North Senatorial district complete its eight-year tenure is germane and should be respected.

17. This is because, apart from the obvious fact that Governor Obiano is performing exceptionally well, he is the first person ever from Anambra North Senatorial district to be the Chief Executive of the state since its creation about twenty-six years ago.

18. On the contrary, the South senatorial district had, since the aborted Third Republic, produced Governors Chukwuemeka Ezeife, Chinwoke Mbadinuju and Dame Virgie Etiaba.

19. Dr. Chris Ngige and Sir Peter Obi, from Anambra Central district, have collectively governed the state for eleven years from 2003 to 2014.

20. It is therefore fair for Governor Obiano to be allowed to be in office for eight years in accordance with his entitlement by the constitution.

21. It is worthy of note that if Obiano would serve for only four years, any other gubernatorial flag bearer from his senatorial district is entitled to another two terms of four years each, totaling eight years.

22. This would definitely be unacceptable to Ndi Anambra. It would surely create tension and restiveness.

23. Besides, Obiano has acquitted himself creditably.

24. Little wonder, a former governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Professor Chukwuma Soludo, in his third anniversary lecture of the Obiano administration, re-echoed an American aphorism which says; "if not broken, why mend it.

25. Recently, Alex Obiogbolu of PDP concurred that "Anambra is not broken". So why fix it?

26. Dr. Ekwueme apparently shares the same opinion with Professor Soludo.

27. This can be deduced from the fact that he has consistently spoken well of the Obiano administration and has also always honored every invitation of the present state government.

28. This explains why the former vice president and Dr. Chukwuemeka Ezeife were physically present at the Ekwulobia stadium, the day the Old Aguata Union, OAU, conferred the traditional title of Agunechemba on Governor Obiano and unanimously endorsed him for a second term.

29. For justice, equity, fairness and good performance, members of the Anambra political class and the electorate should hearken to the wise counsel of Dr. Alex Ifeanyichukwu Ekwueme, and wholeheartedly support the re-election bid of Governor Willie Maduaburochukwu Obiano, Akpokuedike Ndigbo ninee.

30. Forward Ever, Backward Never! ... #ObianoEffect!


Pic: Dr Ekwueme lighting the Candle held out by Gov Obiano at the formal funeral in honour of our fallen Heroes organised by Anambra State Government #Ozoemezina

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

50 Tweets That Expose Osita Chidoka Lies On The Anambra Airport City Project

The Senior Special Assistance to governor Obiano on social media, Rtn Ifeanyi Aniagoh, took to his social media handle to debunk and expose the UPP Guber Aspirant, Osita Chidoka, on his alleged lies on Anambra Airport City Project.

Here him;

How UPP Guber Aspirant, Osita Chidoka Lied on the Anambra Airport City Project… My Response in 50 Tweets!

1. Interesting to see much concern over the #AnambraAirport project

2. But pathetic to see men that ought to be better informed deliberately or ignorantly misinforming the people

3. @osita_chidoka compared the cost of building the #AnambraAirport City with the cost for a runaway upgrade in Ethiopia... Imagine that!

4. @osita_chidoka's comment is most unfortunate, either he's not properly informed about the #AnambraAirport project or he has joined the mischief team

5. The truth remains that the State Government is not spending dime for the #AnambraAirport project

6. A governorship aspirant should get informed before public comments to avoid such misleading tweet from @osita_chidoka on #AnambraAirport

7. Anambra had leaders in the past including @osita_chidoka, a former Aviation Minister but no idea of anything like the new #AnambraAirport

8. Some past leaders complained of funds while few others argued on the benefits of an #AnambraAirport

9. Today, @WillieMObiano being visionary has given us #AnambraAiprort project with huge benefits at no cost

10. The State Government only contributed land without a kobo while the investing partners are building the $2bn #AnambraAirport city in Umueri

11. State Government provided land for Orient Petroleum; building access roads to the airport & enabling environment #AnambraAirport

12. Only visionary leadership of leaders like @WillieMObiano can attract such volume of investment. #AnambraAiprot is on PPP arrangement

13. As the State provided enabling environment, the investors will build $2bn #AnambraAirport, Manage and Handover... That's the idea! Unique!

14. It takes a lot of work... Integrity and sincere drives to attract such investment like #AnambraAirport

15. #AnambraAirport is one of the merits of being the Safest State in Nigeria. Investors troop in... Invest in Nigeria, Think Anambra

16. It is historic to attract such Investment, where investors put in $2bn without a dime from the State Government like the #AnambraAirport

17. Orient and its international partners are building #AnambraAirport City, not just an airport.... First of its kind!

18. #AnambraAirport is an Aerotropolis... And not just a control tower with runways

19. #AnambraAirport city project comprises an International Airport with 2 Runways, Malls, Industrial and Business Parks and Airport Hotels.

20. #AnambraAirport will create 1200 direct jobs and over 6,000 indirect jobs, yet government won't spend a kobo on it

21. #AnambraAirport city project has 75 % of the jobs reserved for Ndi Anambra.

22. Host community (Umueri) of #AnambraAirport will receive in perpetuity 3% of the profit via Corporate Social Responsibility.

23. #AnambraAirport city project will be executed under BOMT (Build, Operate, Manage and Transfer). It's a win, win for the government & ndi Anambra

24. The Partners for #AnambraAirport city project are Anambra State Government, Orient Petroleum Resources Plc.... ½

25. Elite International Investment Holding Limited, China Aviation Planning & Development Company Limited 2/2 #AnambraAirport

26. Osike Synergy Nigeria Limited and Emsworth Oil & Gas Limited are the Facilitators #AnambraAirport

27. The partners for #AnambraAirport are interested in building rail lines across the State and possibly inter-connecting the South East region.

28. The #AnambraAirport city project will be ready in three years.... The timeline is clear

29. #AnambraAirport city project involves skills transfer... All with no cost from the State Government

30. #AnambraAirport city project has capacity to land any known aircraft and cargo planes.

31. #AnambraAirport city project involves an aviation fuel dump (First in Nigeria) where aircrafts will fly in to refuel direct from the refinery

32. #AnambraAirport city project contains an aircraft maintenance facility.

33. #AnambraAirport city project also comprise aviation training and services buildings, airport multilevel car parks...

34. The #AnambraAirport city project also involves airport recreational areas, China wholesale depots, emergency service centers, etc.

35. #AnambraAirport city project will facilitate the export of agricultural produce such Anambra Rice, Vegetables and Tubers of Yam.

36. #AnambraAirport city project will facilitate trade & business relation btw ndi Anambra & China as well as other international business destinations

37. #AnambraAirport city project will unleash the untapped potential of increased trade and commercials, ½

38. ... manufacturing, innovation, technology transfer, SME growth in Anambra State. #AnambraAirport

39. #AnambraAirport project will create a whole new world of economic opportunities for the South-East.

40. #AnambraAirport is $2bn without a kobo from the government. That's a great deal!

41. All Anambra State provided for #AnambraAirport was land and an enabling environment.

42. #AnambraAirport is a cargo airport for the good of us all. It would boost trade and ultimately lead to infrastructural development.

43. You sure would not expect a 1500 hectares airport with room for expansion to serve a State alone. #AnambraAirport

44. Anambra State is not spending $2bn on airport... The funds will spent by the investing consortium to build a world class #AnambraAirport

45. Don't be fooled by mischief makers, Anambra is not borrowing a kobo for #AnambraAirport

46. Using #AnambraAirport as a point for generating controversy is vile

47. All the State provided for the #AnambraAirport project is the land given to Orient Petroleum... Imagine best airport at least cost

48. #AnambraAirport is at zero cost to the State. First of it's kind in our country

49. The #AnambraAirport city is Build, Operate, Manage and Transfer basis... The investors bear all the cost.

50. Airports can actually cost more than that. #AnambraAirport city project is an aerotropolis comprising the airport & a city project
Beware of those spreading lies against the governor, government and the good people of Anambra State just to clinch power... They are only afraid of the laudable achievements of #ObianoEffect!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

PDP's Guber Aspirant, Obiogbolu Backs Soludo, Says "Anambra Is Not Broken'

According to a news report being circulated by Eneh Victor Chigozie the Social Media aide to a governorship aspirant of the All Progressives Congress, Dr Chike Obidigbo, "a group, Anambra Consensus Project (ACP) has commenced face to face interactive sessions with all the governorship aspirants in the state.

Eneh's post claims that "Anambra Consensus Project is a non-governmental organisation that strives to create tight associations and relationships amongst Anambrarians and Anambra residents in bringing relevant issues before the people for awareness, understanding and decision making.

The post continued, "the President of the group, Dr. Emeka Eze, a Prince of the Ukpo Royal Kingdom said the essence of the interaction apart from making the political environment lively in the state is to provide an avenue where all the aspirants can be properly scrutinized by the people.
"Dr Alex Obiogbolu of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Dr. Chike Obidigbo of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and Mr. Godwin Chukwunenye Ezeemo of the Progressives People’s Alliance (PPA) featured in the maiden edition of the interactive session yesterday where each of the aspirants at separate sessions outlined reasons for their decision to vie for the governorship seat in the state.

"They were also asked several questions from the audience which they attended to while the session according to the organizers will continue till all the aspirants are exhausted and the political process leading to the election of the governor concluded.
"Obiogbolu in his session argued that with him as Anambra governor under PDP, the state though not broken can be made better while Obidigbo in his own summation said Anambra is better off as an APC state."

Recall that Prof Chukwuma Soludo recently called on all guber aspirants in the State to shelve their ambitions to support the government of Chief Willie Obiano noting that since the "State is Not Broke, Why Mend It?"

This affirmation by Obiogbolu of PDP in the presence of APC and PPA aspirants has been described as a pointer that truly governor Obiano has so expanded the frontiers of excellences that albeit selfishness, all aspirants should rally around him and his party, APGA.

ASATU Youth Community Tour

The Youth Wing of  Anambra State  Association of Town Unions  (ASATU) Concludes A Tour Of All The Communities  In The State.

The successful community  tour of the youth wing of ASATU  which commenced from Amaobia Awka South LGA  was made possible by the dedication of the new executive of the association lead by Hon Osita Osita Kc Kingsley Ozalagba.

The newly constituted executive meticulously took time to identify  the challenges facing the youths in the state and graciously  articulated means to mitigate them, thus the pre tour summit that preceded the actual town hall meetings with the youths across the 180 communities in Anambra  state, including fegge community Onitsha South Local Government Area.

The tour which focused on educating the youths of Anambra state on social and political issues laid emphasis on six key points that are relative to the current realities in the state as listed below

1. Sensitization of the youths on the ongoing voters registration exercise
2. Youth Eneterprenueship
3. Youth participation in governance
4. Thuggery
5. E thuggery.
6. Drug abuse

The youth leaders took time to  sensitized the youths on the need to fully participate in the ongoing Continues Voters Registration Exercise, not just to register their names rather they should mobilize people in their immediate political wards to come out en mass to register. The massive turn out being witness at all the INEC offices across the state is a testament to the success of this Sensitization embarked upon by the ASATU  youth leaders.

In the tour team were also motivational speakers who diligently counseled  the youths in each of the communities visited on consequences of  being a tool in the hands of unscrupulous political elements who engage youths as thugs during electioneering period. The participating youths were exposed on the entrepreneurship aspects of social media platforms, they were made to understand that they  can make good use of time spent on social media to generate employment for themselves, by mastering the skills of Blogging Networking and Online marketing rather than spend time on social media  being a menace to the society by peddling false informations  and being  willing tools in the hands of desperate politicians.

The speakers during the tour harped on the dangers of drug abuse among youths. Those who participated in the town hall meetings in various communities in the state were admonished  to stay away from hard drugs and other substance abuses as to avoid certain behaviors that can ruin their future thereby coursing untold hardship for themselves and their loved ones.

To mark the end of the  tour by The National Working Committee of ASATU Youths which was a resounding success in all ramifications,  committees were constituted and mandated to follow up the association's Eneterprenueship and skill acquisition programs. Another committees was mandated to monitor the  voters registration exercise currently ongoing across the state.

See more images after the cut...

Obiano And The Making Of New Anambra

When in 1991 the military administration of General Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida heeded the call to create more states in Nigeria it was probably for two reasons. One was to douse the tension of structural imbalance in the country and, the other, to give viable states the impetus to develop. 

Anambra was one of the states which creation was thought exigent for both reasons. She was carved out from the old Anambra state, comprising Enugu, Anambra and parts of Ebonyi states 
Creating the new state was a relief to ndi Anambra who had looked forward to a state of their own where justice and equity would hold firm; where dichotomy and bickering would be less emphasized; where people with common outlook on life, entrepreneurial spirit and strong impetuous drive for success would easily aspire to a common goal. 

Unfortunately, the road to realizing the dream became one hell of a winding path. The ship of the state set sail off the wrong water and suffered the buffet of a cruel wind. As states created alongside her developed Anambra tottered on the brink and could only manage an uptick on the development ring. The pioneer administrators, unable to get a handle on the task at hand, stalled for the most part. They could not galvanize the state’s abundant human and material resources into action. Basic infrastructure required for a start-up state was visibly lacking. By the dawn of democratic rule it was obvious the foundation for the new state was not laid. What was in place as the foundation was too weak to ward off sleaze and engender a viable new state.

In time, negative undercurrent of political activities, evident from shabby handling of statecraft, began to tug at the soul of the new State. By 1999, it was certain the ship of the state was going to keel over. The weak foundation could not sustain the equally weak civilian government that just emerged. Expectedly, the system, already distending from years of maladministration, began to spew out an army of highly mobile and well connected political profiteers. The honest-to-goodness administration of Chinwoke Mbadinuju was too harassed to act.  Enervated by the viciousness of the invading horde the government resorted to routine prayers. As Mbadinuju’s government prayed the merchants became more daring. The result was wasted development opportunities in the state and the summary replacement of Mbadinuju with Chris Ngige.    

Ngige’s administration was characterized by frantic moments. The height of which was his abduction by the same forces that ran his predecessor out of office. Ngige showed grit, but his resistance did not last long enough to make any impact. The courts were to vitiate his office after three years. But before that happened, his government had commenced reconstruction of few state roads and did a fair job of them.  

The coming of Peter Obi’s government was no less important as it did its utmost to further effort in road construction and made a few strides in other areas. By the end of eight years the government had expanded development to include, but not limited to, road construction alone.

But in spite of all these, the development horizon of the state remained narrow. The reaches were not expanded to meet the needs of the time. The state groped for comprehensive development. One very important aspect of the growth matrix - the nexus upon which the comprehensive development revolves was regreattably missing. Security of life and property was a nagging challenge. Kidnappers and armed robbers ran riot in the state. With repulsive pertinacity they seized victims and yanked off their possessions. Movement to certain areas of the state, and at certain hours of the day, was forbidden. Abduction became commonplace as lots of wealthy citizens of the state cowered in fear. 
The situation was so bad that ceremonies (even ones with touch of tradition) were freely conducted in the cities.

Industries were not affected any less. Divestments became rife. The state lost revenue in hundreds of millions. With Onitsha becoming increasingly unsafe, Asaba assumed an alternate choice of residence for the people. Businessmen from the big market and elsewhere in the state relocated to the Delta state capital in droves. More than any group, they were the most vulnerable to the mindless abduction. Consistently, the state lost the attraction as a veritable destination for investors. Expatriate workers nibbled at the thought of picking up jobs in the state. Those who defied the risk moved around in security cordon. Sadly, all security plans (orthodx and otherwise) by the governments at the time held no extenuating impact on the criminal affray. 

However, just within months of being, Governor Obiano xrayed the situation and nipped the lapses in the bud. It is no longer news that Anambra is one of the safest states in Nigeria today. Residents of the state now move about freely and go to bed untroubled. Those who fled her shores during the dark days have since returned as new settlers move in. Opportunities are opening for new businesses as properties gain value. 

Other sectors of the economy are not left out. Virtually every one of them has leaped in growth. The state has moved from divestment to investment. As a matter of fact, investment in the state has quadrupled. The conservative worth is put in the region of 7.2 billion dollars. Most of the investments are in agriculture, estate and the hospitality business. There is also considerable growth in infrastructure. This is another area where the government has posted impressive performance. Awka, until a few years back, had no distinctive imprimatur of a state capital. It was seen as another Local Council Headquarters - more expansive perhaps. But with the construction of three flyovers at Aroma, Kwatta and Amawbia, adorned with flood lights and sprinklers, the place has been distinctly marked. Two other bridges at Iyiora Anam and Aguleri both in the Omambala division, apart from easing off the circuitious route to the oil field, serve as important arteries for evacuation of farm produce.
Efforts in education, health, transportation, environment etc have not come any less. The government has not only sustained progress in eduction, it has furthered it to the extent that Anambra ranks today among the best performing states in education.  In fact, the state has led the pack for three consecutive times in the junior and senior secondary examination results. She has beaten states reputed for their primacy of postion in the education ladder.

No doubt the Willie Obiano government has set a new pitch in the voice of development in the state. It has proved that effective leadership is possible insofar as a leader can set his priority right. It has positioned the state on a highway of comprehensive development which if sustained in the next four years would change her narrative.

Ejike Anyaduba
Writes from Abatete

Over 200 Anambra Youths Benefit From The 2nd Edition Of Anambra Skills Acquisition Training (PHOTOS)

From the 21 local government areas in the state, over 200 youths were selected to take part in the 2nd edition of Anambra Skills Acquisition Training. A programme put together by the Anambra State Government through the Ministry of Youth, Entrepreneurship and Sports Development. 

Speaking at the inaguration in Awka, the Commissioner for Youth, Entrepreneurship and Sport Development,  Barr. Mrs Uju Nwogu, said the training was in line with the efforts of Gov. Willie Obiano to empower the youths. 

She added that the training was also to make the youths self-reliant and self-confident by equipping them with contemporary skills to combat unemployment. “You may recall that last year at the Centre in Mgbakwu, 200 youths of Anambra origin were trained in various self-sustaining skills. “Now less than a year, another batch of 200 will commence the training. “This is a demonstration of our believe that developing entrepreneurial mind-set in the youths is panacea to economic growth. “We are sure that the enormous resources being committed for the success of this programme will be justified. “Thank God for the governor who has made this possible because he believes in the youth as the future of our state,” she said.

The training which commenced yesterday, will last for two weeks and it is conducted at the Federal Youth Development Centre, Mgbakwu, Awka North Local Government Area. Qualified youths are drawn from several registered uniformed and non-uniformed youth base organizations across the state. 

The commissioner said the beneficiaries would be trained on various skills such as shoe making, confectionery, decorations, phone repairs, solar power and interlocking. She added that they would also be trained on landscaping, tiling, wall screeding, Plasta of Paris (POP), fish hatchery, hair-making and other entrepreneurial skills. 

Declaring the training open, Gov Obiano, represented by Mr Harry Uduh, the state Head of Service, urged the youths to bear good fruit and justify the investment on them.

 Present also at the event was the Special Adviser to Gov Obiano on Youth Entrepreneurship, Dr Onyekachi Ibezim and the Chairman, NYCN Anambra State Chapter, Comr Chibuzor Okaa; among others

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