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Friday, May 26, 2017

Anambra 2017 and Opposition’s Bad Temper

As November 18 date for the gubernatorial poll in Anambra State approaches, the tempo and temper of political activities rise with every passing day. Every opposition party professing any kind of presence in Awka talks tough on wresting power from the ruling All Progressives Grand Alliance, APGA. 

Expectedly, however, the All Progressive Congress, APC, has assumed the epicentre of opposition in the state, having upstaged the People’s Democratic Party’s supremacy in the national political space. Not one to gloss over the fixations of his party’s gains of the moment, Dr. Chris Ngige has jumped into the fray to characterize the opposition. Ngige easily passes for the face of APC in the South East. 
This and the implicit ceding of spokesperson by majority of the opposition groups to him embolden Ngige to seek brazen radicalization, if not militarization, of opposition politics in the state; caring less about the imminent sour aftertaste.

Though they find a common adversary in Chief Obiano, the governor’s impressive development strides, and the subterfuge pervading the class of opposition candidates vitiate their aspirations. The popular impression that the urge of these aspirants might just be to outstretch their political visibility, other than gain control of the statehouse, firms up by the day. 

With a bearing that smacks of disregard for the scathing attacks on his person and office, Gov. Willie Obiano flaunts the achievements of his administration in the past three years as fair and competitive bargains for reelection. He seems comfortable with the jubilant pulse of the citizens of the state whose freedom and safety he has profitably laboured to buy back from diverse crimes endemic in the state. Chief Obiano presents the substantial vibrancy of the state’s economy in the face of national economic repression. He is a proud governor of a state that has maintained elite performance in education, agriculture, health and other indices of good governance. Under him Anambra suddenly became a major player in agriculture, with brands like Anambra Rice, Ugu Anambra and Onubu Anambra (vegetables) hitting national and international limelight.

Anambra workers celebrate Gov Obiano as the most labour friendly governor countrywide because of his unsolicited welfare packages to them; his steadfastness in prompt payment of salaries; the 15% salary increase across board; his transportation scheme for them, etc; just as low income earners in parks, markets and streets, as well as commercial motorcyclists and tricyclists enjoy the governor’s humane economic stimulus in terms of reduced taxation. At the grassroots, the result of the Governor’s ‘N20m Community Choose Your Project Development Initiative’ spread across all the 182 communities in the state speaks volumes of Chief Obiano’s Man of the People’s persuasion. These acts ameliorate the pains of national recession, encourage sustainable economic growth and ensure systemic stability.

An incumbent who posts such credentials as Chief Obiano’s, and whose second term bid is antithetical to the dreams of all other aspirants, should expect no less hard knocks; particularly in Anambra State where reckless tantrums and mischief are liberally deployed in fierce gubernatorial contests. Here, no incumbent seems to do anything pleasing to his opponents. Dr. Chris Ngige (then of PDP and latter of Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN) and Chief Peter Obi (then of APGA) had mutual disrespect for each other while they reigned as governors. Despite Ngige’s momentary brilliant sparks and Obi’s enduring sterling achievements, they took turns in subtly and overtly calumniating each other. Now as apologists-in-chief of APC and PDP in Anambra State, both unconscionably take on Gov. Obiano, in a bid to pronouncing him unelectable: an awkward demonstration of ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend.’ 

The lures of political power and the privileges of political influence now conspire to rob Anambra State the peace APGA government has painstakingly groomed in the past eleven years. The prime conspirators in this appear primarily fixated on plotting Gov. Obiano’s failure by sponsoring negative choruses on his administration. Given their determination, it will not be surprising if they stimulate criminal disorder in the course of time, just to undermine Obiano’s most potent bargaining power: Security and safety of lives and property. It is observable that in politics when the subject of interest persistently tends more to awry defense of ego and personal interests than governance and society, service and lordship begin to slyly compete for favoured space in people’s consciousness. This confusion and its resultant hurt spare no one in the long run.

It will be a security oversight disregarding the seemingly war chants from vociferous South East APC chieftains thronging into Anambra with defiant avowals to overrun APGA howsoever. The Anambra electorate is getting restive and battle conscious. Signs of resistance are emerging as majority of Anambra citizens condemn the effrontery in the influx of failed political opportunists from other Eastern parts latching on to APC to disrupt the state’s surefooted lead in development east of the Niger. As a homegrown party that has entrenched itself in Anambra, APGA underscores the Igbo spirit of resilience and survival. Ndi-Anambra are therefore known to be passionate in their defense of APGA government for giving stout expressions to their passions for industry and safety. It is a common belief that Chief Willie Obiano holds the template for greater Anambra, having made Anambra the safest and most investment friendly state in Nigeria within a short span of three years. The risk of recycling politicians with either questionable antecedents or vague vision in corporate administration is total and does not sound bankable to Anambra people.

Given the overwhelming support APGA and Gov. Obiano enjoy from the citizens and residents of Anambra State, and the anxiety over probable underhand influences from Aso Rock in the coming election, November 18, 2017 boldly challenges the integrity of Independent National Election Commission, INEC, as a disinterested umpire. It challenges the Presidency as a dispassionate arbiter. 

Also on trial will be the groups of national and international election monitors whose informed views are expected to add value to the process. Without doubts the international community will be on hand to judge our democracy.

Okechukwu Anarado writes from Adazi-Nnukwu


Thursday, May 25, 2017

HIV/AIDS Prevalence: Anambra Partners With CHEERS

With the prevalence increase in Human Immune Virus (HIV and Aids) in most State and Country, Anambra State government through the state ministry of health has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with an NGO on global fund on HIV project, Centre for health education economic rehabilitation and social security (CHEERS) to help combat this issue.

CHEERS which is a sub recipient in the global fund for HIV and a part of principal recipient of FHI 360, is an NGOwhich major goal is to be a succour to persons living with HIV and AIDS as they will provide intervention drugs and other commodities that will help stabilize and sustain the life of persons living with the Virus.

Addressing the members of the press in his Jerome Udorji Secretariat Office,Awka on the 24th of May 2017, the Hon. Commissioner for Health Dr. Joe Akabuikestated that by signing the MOU with the CHEERS the State Government under the leadership of his able governor Chief Willie Obiano has once againreaffirmed its willingness and readiness to partner with any good organisation that will be of beneficially to the people of the state.

Dr.Akabuike also said that MOU signed is meant to maintain the global funding in the state. Stating that there are about 75 Primary Health Care Centresand 7 sites where global fund is supporting HIV projects in the State. ‘’Since HIV and Aids does not have a cure, its prevalence is on the increase thus, increase in the persons living with the Virus. Therefore there is need to sustain the form in making sure that the Viral role of HIV in human being is been limited through the intervention drugs and other commodities to allow the carriers to live their normal life’’ he said.

Also speaking at the press brief the country Rep. and the Executive director CHEERS, Mrs HajiaOgugua applauded the State Government for having the affairs of the people at heart by allowing them reach an understanding to implement the project. 

Assuring them that they will gear their support to make sure that the project makes a great impact in the life of the people of the State.

Mrs Ogugua also said that the NGO will move to all the health facilities in the state and do all the needful. Advising the people to get tested for free and know their status. If positive CHEERS will counsel and give the person treatment and with constant taking of their drugs the person will live his/her normal, without any fear.

In his vote of thanks, the Permanent Secretary of the State Ministry of Health, Dr.OkwuchukwuChukwuka thanked the NGO for deeming it necessary to partner with the state. Assuring them of the full support of the state in making the project a great success.

By Nwokedi Nwanneka A.C. (Mins. of Health)

The Humanity Of the Obiano Government

It gives me a certain claim of honesty - amidst denials - to write about the humanity of the Willie Obiano administration. It is one aspect of his government that is hardly reported, but which has greatly defined the thrust of his administration. 

It may be fair to argue that but for this, the achievements in security, investment, agriculture, infrastructure, education, health etc- for which the government has gained wide acceptance - might have come in vain. Except there is a decision not to report it, the silence sucks.   

If the Obiano government is standing on a pinnacle today it is not because it fixed security of the state hitherto in a whirl. It is not because it gave the state’s infrastructure that existed in outline some uplift. It is not because it resuscitated investment which had hit the nadir. It is not because it boosted agriculture until then in active decline. It is not because it gave healthcare a shot in the arm and sustains the progress in education. No, not in the least! It is because, in addition to all these, the government has shored up effort in the intangible sector.

On assumption of office Governor Obiano did one very uncommon thing. He gave up his salary for a full term of four years to be used for the upkeep of the less privileged in the society. This was followed up with building of a convalescent home - a sanatorium - at Nteje where the sick and others on the wrong side of life are daily attended to. The home, structured to accommodate inmates with varied forms of disabilities like the mentally sick, beggars, waifs and others, is run by qualified caregivers and medics.  

One or two positive experiences have since followed on from here. One is the de-escalation of the unsightly presence of beggars and waifs on the streets of Anambra. The other is the healthy sustenance of security of life and property in the state. On the face of it, the effect on security may not be palpable. But an example or two would suffice. In not so distant past two “beggars” in Lagos were arrested for different criminal offences. The one, and more notorious, was Clifford Orji, now late, arrested for cannibalism at Toyota bus stop along Apapa – Oshodi expressway. The other a cripple who solicited alms on Bush Street between Anthony village and Maryland was arrested an armourer for a notorious criminal gang. Prior to being arrested their threat to security would be generally disclaimed. They were seen and appreciated as mere beggars. Thus ridding the streets of Anambra of these tenants-at-will does not just augur for urban renewal but also for security.

It is not often government interferes positively in affairs of waifs and beggars. If ever it does, it is to seize and dump them off public space where they are consigned to the wooziness of hunger. Even that type of consignment is fast paling off governments’ schedule as the battered economy has made the luxury of such action difficult. 

Almost at the same time of giving up his salary the Obiano government offered scholarship to disabled but able persons in the state from primary through secondary to the university with a caveat - to have them employed on graduation. Others not covered by the scheme are equally accommodated in the employment exercise going on in the state. To cap this, two physically challenged persons were among the newly promoted permanent secretaries in the state civil service. Even within the governor’s aides are to be found a blind man and a walking paraplegic. To cushion effect of their work the heavily subsidized government transport service was directed to carry them gratis. The limbless among them were provided with prosthetics while those with cleft palate had them fixed.

This effort is boldly complemented by the First Lady of the state, Chief Mrs. Ebelechukwu Obiano. Through her Caring Family Enhancement Initiative (CAFÉ), a Non-Governmental Organization, she has lifted a number of despairing lives.  Early in the life of the administration she showed she was in no mood to shoot craps with the destiny of these people. Sounding philosophical in a speech she delivered at Basden School of the Blind, Isulo, Orumba South Local Government Area, she urged for compassion on the troubled souls, stressing that they have equal right to life. She made it clear that not born disabled, or having passed the age of bearing children, is not a guarantee against having disabled grand children.  

Ever since, she has continued to carter for the lowly in the society. It will belabor time and space, itemizing beneficiaries of her charity. However, hundreds of them have been provided with artificial body parts. Those of them who surmounted their disability to acquire skills were, and still are, equipped with required tools to earn a living. But it is in building houses for indigent widows in all three senatorial zones of the state that the First Lady’s charity communicated uncommon compassion.

The unwillingness to discriminate against any group or individual manifested quite early in the administration. The first test for the governor was weathering pressure to have workers employed in the twilight of the previous administration sacked. Perhaps only a few governors would not consider the financial implication. But even in the face of the dwindling economy salaries, pensions, gratuities, allowances etc are promptly paid. On occasion, the governor has made interventions that either staved off or ameliorated disasters. Not once did he stop his convoy to assist accident victims. He had equally cut short an official visit to Abuja in order to identify with victims of the Onitsha Gas Station fire disaster. On each occasion compensation was promptly given. Some had their hospital bills paid while others orphaned, in the circumstance, got scholarship grant.   

It is not to be forgotten how, few months into office, twenty-five prisoners, granted amnesty by the state, were issued with a check of N1million each to start life afresh. They were expected to seize the opportunity to get reintegrated into the society. So far as this, nothing has suggested otherwise. The Obiano government has within a space of three years moved development in the tangible and intangible sectors optimally.     

Ejike Anyaduba

Writes from Abatete

Rivers At 50: Rivers PDP Chairman, Bro. Felix Obuah Advocates Love Among Rivers People

As Rivers State celebrates 50 years in existence, the State Chairman, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Bro. Felix Obuah has called on all Rivers people to love one another irrespective of religion, social status, beliefs and political affiliations.

Bro. Obuah said what is paramount at the moment is gratitude to God, whose Grace, Goodness and Mercies had taken the State to an enviable height.

The PDP Chairman enjoined the people to use the 50th anniversary to demonstrate love, peace, oneness and justice, and patriotism, stressing that through this, Rivers State will wax stronger and truly take its rightful place as the Treasure Base of the Nation which other States would emulate.

In his words, “as the Jubilee Governor, Wike has brought peace, development and unity amongst Rivers people.  He is a unifying factor and a bridge builder. 

“I urge every Rivers man and woman to pull down every barrier and limitations and give Mr. Project all the support he needs to take the State to greater levels”.

On whether Rivers State, in 50 years, has actualized the vision of her founding fathers, Bro. Obuah said although the State is not there yet, but with Wike, he is optimistic that the dreams of the founding fathers of the State would be achieved.

According to the PDP Chairman, Governor Wike is building legacies that will not only compete favourably with infrastructures put in place by Diette-Spiff and Dr. Peter Odili, but those that will stand the test of time and would at the end of the day, surpass what had been on ground.

Bro. Obuah, while appealing for unity of purpose, urged Rivers people to embrace the ideals of patriotism, selflessness and total dedication to the development of the State, stressing that these traits were quintessential for actualizing the Rivers Dream, adding that the efforts of past and present leaders of the State have clearly proved that there is unity in diversity. “This, we all need to sustain as a people”, Obuah emphasized.

He commended the initiative of honouring heroes and eminent Rivers leaders both present and past, particularly those who have made significant contributions towards promoting national unity and development in the State.

The PDP Chairman said the awards are not mere symbol of recognition but avenues to encourage the younger generation towards patriotism and love of the State.

“Rivers people should be passionate in their advocacy for unity, love and neighborliness.  They should be patriotic and champion ideals that would contribute to the development of the State”, Obuah advised.


Jerry Needam      
Special Adviser on Media and Publicity to
Bro. Felix Obuah, PDP Chairman, Rivers State.

BREAKING: OCHA Brigade Commandant, Chief Kenneth Okonkwo Is Dead

OCHA Brigade Commandant, Chief Kenneth Okonkwo is dead, as was confirmed early this morning.

The course of his death still remain sketchy as we wait on the command to give a public statement.

Chief kenneth Okonkwo until his death was a dedicated leader who led the command faithfully.

May his soul, rest in peace.

...Detail soon

Imo APGA Disowns Agbaso

The state Chairman of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), Peter Ezeobi has distanced the state chapter of the party from  judgment of the Enugu State High Court which declared Chief Martins Agbaso as the national chairman of the party.

Ezeobi said he (Agbaso) was not a member of the party, having earlier defected to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and is yet to officially return to the party.

The Imo State APGA chairman who stated this yesterday in Owerri, while reacting to the judgment of the court said  Victor Oye remains the only authentic national chairman of APGA.

According to him,  Chief Agbaso was a member of the party until he left the party for PDP in 2015 where he has contested for the gubernatorial primaries of the party. He said since he left, there was no record that he had officially returned.

“It was a rude shock for the Imo State branch of APGA to hear in the news that a court of competent reckoning in this country announced his name as the national chairman of a party he is no longer a member,’’ he said.

The APGA chairman said there was the need for the judiciary to support democracy in the country to grow rather than promote acts that could cause disharmony.

He said the state chapter of the party was behind the Victor Oye-led national leadership of APGA and supports the move by the party to challenge the judgment that announced Agbaso as chairman.

 By George Onyejiuwa

PRESS RELEASE: APGA NWC Reaffirm Commitment And Support For Victor Oye Led Party Leadership

The national working committee of APGA wishes to reaffirm its commitment to sustaining the core values and fundamental objectives of APGA as a political movement with an itinerant mass appeal , driven by a focus towards providing a clear alternative platform , based , as it were , on true democratic principles and ideals and the rule of law .                                              

Accordingly , the national leadership of the party under   Dr. Victor Ike Oye  , as national chairman has continued to maintain the highest sense of duty and commitment towards building bridges of friendship across political , religious and ideological divides.

To this end we must continue to advise ourselves that the survival of democracy in Nigeria largely depends on the Rule of Law and the immutable conduct of the judiciary . On our part as politicians , we must remain undeniably central to promoting and strengthening democracy and the rule of law through transparency and exemplary conduct .                                                                                

Once more , we wish to place on record that on the 21st of December 2016 , the National Executive Committee ( NEC) comprising the leader of the party , His Excellency , Governor Willie Obiano , members of the board of trustees , members of national working committee (NWC) , all state chairmen and secretaries , members of the national and state assemblies from the party ,  etc etc , reaffirmed Dr victor Ike Oye as the national chairman of the party  , and passed a vote of confidence on his leadership of the party .

The same NEC meeting , confirmed and ratified  the expulsion of late OZO Nwabueze Okafor , okechukwu Nkoloagu , Chuks Nwoga , jerry Obasi , Campbell Umenzekwe , Ezinne Amaka Agbiogwu ,and Terry Godfrey from the party for gross anti-party activities .                                

We wish to recall that the expelled members had instituted a court action at the High Court of the FCT Abuja challenging the leadership of our national chairman , Dr victor Ike Oye. That FCT Abuja High court matter is now pending at the Court of Appeal Abuja Division following an appeal on an interlocutory ruling of the FCT High court. The said appeal is listed for hearing on the 1st of June 2017.                                                                  

So , notwithstanding their expulsion from the party , and the pendency of the matter at the Court of Appeal Abuja division , the said expelled members met in owerri , IMO state , purportedly as NWC  to take numerous nefarious decisions against the party , including clandestinely instituting an action at the High Court of Enugu state , using one mike Anioke as 1st plaintiff and APGA as the 2nd plaintiff ,without the knowledge of the National working Committee of APGA . Consequently , on Monday 22nd day of May 2017 , Hon. Justice A R Ozoemena  made directory consequential orders upon an undefended suit surreptitiously instituted against INEC , IGP , and C P ,Enugu state .                                                              

The National  Working Committee of APGA wishes therefore to make a clear and categorical statement as follows;                                                                          

1.That Dr. Victor Ike  Oye still remains the national chairman of APGA (as we were not a party to the suit E/192m/2017 ).                                                                

2. That the judgment of Hon. Justice AR ozoemena in suit no. E/ 192 m/2017  , delivered on 22 / 05/ 2017 , was procured through fraudulent manipulation of the judicial process , fraudulent concealment and misrepresentation of material facts , deceit to court , and  flagrant contempt to the Court of Appeal Abuja Division , ceased of the earlier case on the same subject matter of rightful leadership of the party .                          

3. That the national chairman of APGA , Dr ,victor Ike Oye was never made a party to the suit  .                                                                                      
4. That  APGA was fraudulently made a plaintiff in the suit without the knowledge of the national working committee.                                                                                        

5.That the sponsors of this court matter at the High court in Enugu did not disclose to court that they had been expelled from the party.                                          

6.That the High court in Enugu was not informed of the pendency of the matter coming up for hearing at the Court of Appeal on the 1st of June 2017.                                                                                                            
7. That even the parties on record in the said suit no .E / 192m /2017 were unaware of the pendency of the suit as the purported service of court processes were fraudulently manipulated .                                                
Therefore , the national working committee (NWC) of our great party , under the leadership of Dr victor Ike Oye , completely dissociates our party from the said suit . We also wish to assure our teeming members and supporters that we are very much on top of the situation .                                                                        

Sgd. Hon(sir) Ifeatu Obi-Okoye  ksc.                                                                                      
National Publicity Secretary, APGA

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

British High Commissioner Visits Anambra State

Governor Willie Obiano stated this at the Deputy Governor's Lodge, Awka, during a dinner with a delegation led by the British High Commissioner to Nigeria, Mr Paul Arkwright.

Part of the visit were delegates from the International Trade Department, Political Department of the Commission from Lagos and Abuja, DFID from Enugu, among others.

Receiving the team, Governor Obiano expressed joy that the State government's proactiveness in Diaspora relations is finally paying off and yielding positive results, as more doors are being open to foreign investors, saying that with security in place, as well as his idea in agriculture, creation of viable institutions, among others, the High Commissioner is quite pleased with the progress made.

Speaking through the Deputy Governor, Dr Nkem Okeke, the Governor hinted that discussion has started between the Commission and the State in terms of collaboration, and expression of interest in helping the State to link up businesses that may be willing to come and invest in the State.

He further stressed that having seen the caliber of men and women in his team and the zeal in them, the Commission has revealed it's interest in working with the State, as long as they remain committed and are always ready to push on.

The Governor who pointed out that it is easy to procure visas to do business in the United Kingdom, urged ndi Anambra to continue to be inspired to take advantage of the various available opportunities, noting that it is now easier to do business in the State unlike before, calling on more investors, especially ndi Anambra, to come home and invest.

Earlier, the British High Commissioner to Nigeria, Mr Paul Arkwright who revealed that he is on working visit to the State, said that the major reason for the visit is to look at opportunities for British business as well as economically help the State develop, in terms of job creation and growth, disclosing their interest in helping the State to develop more opportunities in agriculture, infrastructure, solid mineral, among others.

Mr Arkwright who extoled Governor Willie Obiano's determination and commitment to developing the State, expressed happiness that all the positive things he heared about the State is in tandem with what is on ground, such as the ANSIPPA, infrastructural advancement, export of agricultural produce to the united Kingdom, among others.

While revealing that they will match action with words in the coming weeks, the British High Commissioner stressed that the State has moved ahead of many States in terms of business friendliness, investment friendliness and better understanding of the people's need, urging ndi Anambra to take advantage of the ease of procurement of UK visas and engage in their genuine businesses.

Stating the benefits of the visit, the Chairman of Anambra State Investment Promotion and Protection Agency, ANSIPPA, Igwe Cyril Enweze said that the investment climate of the State has greatly improved since Governor Obiano took over the mantle of leadership, saying that the visit as well as actions that will follow, will further promote the overall development of the State.

Also on the visit were the Secretary to the State Government, Professor Solo Chukwulobelu, Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs, Culture and Tourism, Barrister Stella Onuora, Mr Mark Okoye who is the Commissioner for Economic Planning and Budget, among others.

The team earlier paid a courtesy visit to the Governor at the Government House, Awka.

By Ejike Abana

Anambra Police Commissioner Reassures On Peaceful Conduct Of Guber Elections

The State Police Command says it is committed to ensuring that peace is maintained in the state as November 2017 gubernatorial election draws near.

The State Commissioner of Police, Mr Sam Okaula who stated this on ABS Radio programme in Awka noted that the Command is enjoying maximum support from the state government which has led to the reduction of crime in the state.

Mr Okaula, emphasized that the Police in the state has a robust relationship with other law enforcement agencies, which has given them leverage in stamping out crime in the state, saying that the state is a no go area for perpetrators of criminal acts.

Answering questions from callers on the programme, Mr Okaula noted that the law enforcement agencies in the state are ensuring that there are no infiltrations of the Fulani Herdsmen into the state.

By Dave Okpokwasili

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Anambra Guber: 3,000 APC, PDP Members Defect To APGA

No fewer than 3,000 members of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and the All Progressives Congress (APC), on Monday defected to the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) in Ugbene community, Awka North Local Government Area of Anambra State.

The election is scheduled for November 18, 2017.

The defectors, led by National Chairman of Ugbene Great Ambassadors Club, Chief Aaron Onwelukwue, explained that their defection was informed by Governor Willie Obiano’s “sterling performance in office”.

Special Adviser to the governor on Security Matters, Chief Chikodi Anara, and Chairman of APGA in the community, Cajethan Anako, while receiving the defectors noted that the people of the area had made informed choice by joining the party.

He described APGA as a movement which all well-meaning Igbo men and women should identify with without further delay.

“Governor Obiano is embarking on long term investment for the future of our children.

“So, Ugbene people have taken the right decision to join APGA,” Anara said.

By Wale Odunsi

APGA’ll Return Obiano As Anambra Gov — Nwegbo

The All Progressive Grand Alliance yesterday boasted that it would win Anambra state governorship election scheduled to hold on November 18. 

Acting vice national chairman, South East of the party, Mr Uche Nwegbo while speaking with Vanguard, said APGA was prepared for the election and would return governor Willie Obiano for the second term.

He said the party was not intimidated by the influx of political gladiators to the All Progressives Congress, APC.

“All the names in the APC are the same names that wanted to wrestle power from APGA and until today, the state is still enjoying power under APGA. WILLIE OBIANO “When a politician leaves a party and joins another with the same character, it is of no use. The people of Nigeria and the South East should not be worried because it is a common phenomenon. Politics is all about common interest and permanent interest”. 

According to him, the governorship election would be predicated on the real issues of governance and Anambra is set to give APGA the mandate to continue. “Governor Obiano has done so well in all sectors of the state economy that even the former CBN governor, Professor Charles Soludo acknowledged in the lecture he delivered during the celebration of Obiano three years in office.” 

Nwegbo said  was on course as victory was  assured for him and the party and urged APGA members to come together and work as one family.

By Enyim Enyim

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