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Thursday, October 19, 2017

57 Statements That Shook Nnewi As APGA Campaign Team Berths At The Home Of The Great Ojukwu!

Words on the Marble...

Menakaya, Etiaba, Ubajaka, Nwosu, Bianca, Umeh and Obiano, all bare it all!

Dr Tim Menakaya, former Minister of Health said...
1. Obiano signed the approved list of promoted civil servants in the State
2. ndi Nnewi North should vote massively for His Excellency come November 18th.
3. Ndi Nnewi North are politically wise as 4 years is much shorter than 8 years.
4. His Excellency is the best Governor in Nigeria.
5. Nnewi is Dubai of ndi Igbo.
6. Tomorrow the 20th of October, physical work will commence at the airport city site
7. Before Willie Obiano, Anambra is not self sufficient in rice farming but today we have rice even for export
8. Mega industrialised farms litter Anambra State.

Virgy Etiaba, former governor of Anambra State (under Chief Peter Obi) said....
9. I am a daughter of Nnewi and I am very proud of myself because wherever Dim Odimegwu Ojukwu is now, he will be happy.
10. I am part of the government of Anambra State, I know my boss when I was deputy Governor. Today, things are better under Obiano.
11. The best teacher in Nigeria is from Anambra State
12. In security, Willie Obiano is number 1
13. Willie will be re-elected. He has just 4 years. Support him.
14. Transitional marriages now take place in Anambra State
15. Willie Obiano is an honest man

Hon. Patrick Ubajaka, CEO, Izuchukwu Group of Companies and former LG Transition Chairman (under Chief Peter Obi) said...
16. Ndi Nnewi have agreed that Willie Obiano will be elected
17. ndi Nnewi will stake a claim on the ticket in the next four years.
18. We will stake a claim to the ticket by voting massively for His Excellency.
19. Nnewi will be first so as to be in the forefront for the ticket in 2022.
20. Remember that Dim Odimegwu Ojukwu is the Leader of APGA.

HE, Amb Ody Nwosu said...
21. There is an important need for Ndi Nnewi to know that His Excellency has just 4 years.

Bianca Odumegwu Ojukwu, former Nigeria's Ambassador to Spain and wife of Chief Odumegwu Ojukwu said...
22. My husband is the man who sacrificed everything for ndi Igbo.
23. APGA is Ojukwu and Ojukwu is APGA.
24. Peter Obi could not allow Ojukwu to rest in his grave due to greed.
25. Anyone who want deputy will always come to Nnewi. Is it a curse?
26. If Nnewi did not vote for APGA, then they have disappointed Ojukwu.
27. Peter Obi swore he will never leave APGA.
28. Ndi Nnewi should not shame Ojukwu.
29. The whole of Nnewi should support APGA because of Ojukwu's legacy.
30. Presenting a portrait of Ojukwu: "Akpokuedike Go and win, my spirit is with you".
31. In December 2002 Ojukwu breathed life into APGA.
Chief Victor Umeh, DG of Obiano/Okeke Re-election Campaign Organisation said...
32. We brought Peter Obi to be Governor of Anambra State.
33. Upon all the trust on Peter Obi by Ikemba, Peter Obi betrayed him.
34. Lady Etiaba gave life to APGA when Peter Obi left.
35. We were instrumental to Virgy Etiaba relinquishing power after court process.
36. Ojukwu took maximum risk to make Peter Obi Governor the second time.
37. We soffered with Ojukwu to make sure that APGA is alive.
38. At St Andrew Field, Ojukwu made the famous speech- This is my last wish, Vote Peter Obi.
39. After 8 years in Office Peter Obi threw away all APGA manifestos
40. I am one of the Ojukwu's disciple that is alive.
41. Ojukwu's spirit cannot be defeated in Igbo land.
42. The spirit of Ojukwu will crush all who benefitted from APGA and ran away.
43. When Peter Obi was in APGA, we never had peace.
44. Today, Peter Obi has divided PDP into five factions.
45. I am today Campaign manager to make sure that APGA is alive.
46. Even Ajo ofia is against Peter Obi.
47. Ojukwu is a translated Leader. He is not dead!
48. Nnewi already have deputy Governor in Deputy Okeke because of his wife who is from Nnewi.
49. Our movement on November 18th will define if ndi Igbo will survive politically or not.
Gov Obiano of Anambra State said...
50. On friday, Nnewi Will stop using generator.
51. We tapped energy from Awada to Nnewi and other 35 towns.
52. Bank road and roundabout will have Street Lights today.
53. Anambra has paid their counterpart funding of 1 billion naira with Worldbank to fight the erosion sight in Nnewi.
54. Peter requested for 7 billion from me.
55. Peter Obi left 127 billion naira debt for me.
56. Other Candidates have ropes on their necks and so I will not talk about them.
57. Vote APGA for a better tomorrow.

Brethren, it's finished....
Vote APGA to Keep Willie Working!!!

Monday, October 16, 2017

Ooni Of Ife Commends Obiano, Calls Him Selfless

The Ooni of Ife, Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi, has described the governor of Anambra state, Willie Obiano, as a compassionate leader whose simplicity and humility come very natural, paving way for his good governance in Anambra state.

The Ooni made this known when he paid a courtesy call to the governor at the Governor’s Lodge, Amawbia, together with the traditional ruler of Okija, His Royal Majesty, Igwe Emeka Okezie.

Traditional ruler of Okija, His Royal Majesty, Igwe Emeka Okezie (L), governor of Anambra state, Willie Obiano (C ) and Ooni of Ife, Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi (R)
The Ooni further revealed that he always associated with leaders who are selfless and who have the interest of the people at heart which was why he was in Anambra to identify with Governor Obiano who had shown leadership at its very best.

He said he would continue to preach unity and peaceful co-existence across the entire country.

“Whoever in life you want to know who is he is, give that person power. Once you give that person power, you will know the real person. You have not changed before God brought you to this position. Your simplicity has been your watchword. Your simplicity has been a pacesetter for your life and the good people of Anambra state.

“You are a leader, a selfless leader indeed and I’m always proud to be associated with you and I’m always proud to be associated with all the good things you do and that is why I’m continuing to preach that unity, to preach peaceful coexistence across the entire country and most especially, I know you have the interest of the people at heart.

“Anambra is very lucky to have you. We are lucky to have you in Nigeria and because God has actually brought thus far, I know you will naturally excel.” Ooni said.

Governor Obiano who received him expressed gratitude to him and the traditional ruler of Okija who also came with his royal cabinet to pledge support and solidarity to him for his re-election come November 18.

Anambra: Toiling Between Self-Centredness and Professionalism?

Democracy places the onus of choice upon the electorates. This explains why power, in a true democracy belongs to the ballot box; where those who qualified and desire to, exercise their choice to elect people into offices.

Perhaps, this is why it is typical of politicians to employ every imaginable tactic to win the electorates over. They call it campaign. Sadly, this is often mere drama, acted out to sway, even by deceit and in Nigeria through purchase. Yes, voting can be transactional in Nigeria, but even then the actors have to be smart, else the bubble will burst.

The tendency of politicians to pull the wool over the eyes of the people demands caution and there is a need for people to read between the lines when being addressed by those soliciting to be elected into political positions. This is when Bob Marley’s assertion in one of his songs that “you can fool some people sometimes, but you can’t fool all the people all the time,” will not just prove accurate but help the people make the right choices.

This brings us to the two leading gladiators in the race to the government house of Anambra State, the incumbent governor Willie Obiano for himself and known for his boldness and audacity and Peter Obi known for his minimalism who is now fronting for Oseloka Obaze of the PDP. The gubernatorial election is billed for November 18, 2017 according to the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC and the gladiators would stop at nothing to get the people thumbprint them or their preferred candidates into office. In this race the incumbent governor of Anambra State, HE Willie Obiano and the man he succeeded in office, Peter Obi remain the leading gladiators. One for himself and the other a godfather, standing up someone he seeks to ‘hoist’ on the people.

For starters, political watchers are concerned that Obi is working so hard to pulldown the house he laid the foundation of, given his role in Obiano succeeding him as governor of Anambra State. But those who know Obi are not surprised. They see Obi as a self-righteous man, which is why his tenure as governor of the state is typified with micromanagement, which to an extent stagnated the state, though his admirers claim it led to stability in the state. Obi made at least 3 times per month from the federal government more than Obiano has made during his tenure yet Obi was very minimalist in what he did for his people and decided to keep money in savings…money which well used should have generated a lot more than the investments in which he saved them. The accolade of stabilist only creeps into political analyses because of the political turmoil that preceded Obi’s ascension to the office as governor of Anambra State. Obi definitely profited from the turbulence in the ranks of the rival political party, the Peoples’ Democratic Party, PDP, with leading gladiators of the PDP helping to destroy themselves in favour of Obi.

Obiano came into office at a time that Ndi Anambra could think clearly and place expectations, beyond mere political sanity at the table of their governor. And he has delivered by using professionals, as against Obi’s micromanagement style.

Two areas that showcase the contrast in these two gladiators are in the Internally Generated Revenue, IGR and road construction. Obi initially moved to grow IGR by using professionals and was able to move the monthly IGR up from N500m to one billion. For reasons best known to him, he removed the key actors that assisted grow the IGR figures and installed someone he could micromanage and it fell back to N500m monthly. Political watchers believe that this was to create moles for Obi and his cronies to syphon public funds, particularly as the persons under whose watch the shortfall was recorded did not get any reprimand or encouragement to improve. But Obiano would have none of that, so he appointed professionals, people well versed in the revenue generation and management, the result is that the state’s IGR has spiraled from N500m to over N1.5billion monthly. Tongues are now wagging that Obi is feeling that the man he brought to ‘come and chop’ is outshining him, so would stop at nothing to frustrate his winning a second term in office.

Beyond that, it would appear though that Obi is just being a typical politician. How does one explain his unfaithfulness to All Progressives Grand Alliance, APGA that helped him to power? This show of unstable character is one that the Igbo people in general still bleed about and those now counting on Obi to help them to ‘dethrone’ Obiano would find the political baggage too heavy. Whereas Obiano’s patriotism and faithfulness have seen him remain steadfast with Ndi Anambra and APGA despite the pressure from the so called federal might are reasons that endear him to Ndi Igbo generally and Anambra electorates in particular.

Obi’s tendency for stifling instead of growing is seen in the fact that he had the same opportunities that the former governor of Lagos State, Bola Ahmed Tinubu had, but while Tinubu chose to build political blocks around the southwest, which he has grown into a political empire, Obi would rather focus on Anambra as if it was his kitchen, where strangers should not stray-in. His focus on himself instead of common good is one that well-meaning Igbo people feel sad about till this day. Political watchers maintain it will count in the coming elections.

This is where pundits are quick to commend Obiano for holding true to his political principles unlike Obi who Ndi Igbo look at as having betrayed the Igbo nation by seeking personal political gains in an unscrupulous manner. So many are quick to note that Obi demonstrates fragility while Obiano represents strength of character in the true Igbo sense. Anambra people also rue the fact that while Obi used religious sentiments to hoodwink them, Obiano has come true with simple honesty and professionalism. This is seen in the area of infrastructural provision in the state. Most the roads constructed under Obi’s watch are without drainages and have started failing because he personally supervised it and might have been taken advantage of by the contractors but all the ones constructed by Obiano are well planned and executed with professional supervision ensuring that Ndi Anambra are not shortchanged in anywhere.

Other areas where the contrasting personality brand profiles of Obi and Obiano leave Ndi Anambra with an easy choice include education, safety and security, economy, transportation, etc. Under Obiano, Anambra State has witnessed massive transformation in the education sector leading to WAEC analyses of students with up to five-credit passes at the senior school certificate examinations showing a steady growth from 60% in 2013 to over 75% in 2017 for Anambra students.

Perhaps what Ndi Anambra would find more ridiculous is that Obi’s penchant for falsehood has seen him taking them for granted. Following his micromanagement of the state, Obi was able to cart away state’s funds in a big bus. His men were arrested on their way to Lagos in a celebrated case of money laundry which many are convinced helped deplete the state’s funds. They say every day is for the thief but one day is for the owner of the house. One wonders if this was the only time Obi sent money to Lagos by bus instead of paying same into his bank Fidelity Bank for proper tracking.

Politicians would not like to hear this, but the most damaging aspect of Obi’s waning personality brand profile is his being economical with the truth. For instance, on his handover notes he claimed to have left N75bn whereas he left just N9bn and some bonds he saved by denying contractors their payments. He had left nearly 150bn naira of bills from contractors who had done some roads and instead of paying them he bought some investment notes so that he will claim to have saved money. The rest were in the forms of aged investments which were handed over from the then east central state. Imagine claiming a 30 year asset is something he generated and handed over to WIllie. His claim to have also left $156bn cash also insults human intelligence, as such money being in existence would have amounted to N26.4 trillion at an exchange rate of N150/$ then. That would have meant that Anambra State had more money than Nigeria at that time! The desperation to tell lies is legendary. Campaign of falsehood at its highest just to get back in charge of the treasury. Anambra state government probably is his business.

It is in the same manner that the Obi camp goes around peddling falsehood that a hotel project that Obiano’s professional disposition has taken to 90% completion under a PPP arrangement with Golden Tulip has been abandoned. The commissioning of the project soon will shame them, just as the pragmatic position of Ndi Anambra voters will do come November 18, 2017. Obiano has found private sector expertise and money to complete this project in Agulu, Obi’s village.

In all of these, his well lubricated and funded political vuvuzelas or trumpeters are helping him to misrepresent truths with a view to getting Ndi Anambra to vote against themselves by voting for his preferred candidate. Sadly what this would mean is that whoever he hoists on the people would have to subject himself or herself to Obi’s micromanagement or be replaced with another of his errand boys at the next general gubernatorial elections. These trumpeters explain why Ndi Anambra are toiling to place Obi’s selfishness and Obiano’s professionalism in proper perspective as well contrast Obi’s penchant to do as little as he can and save the rest while Obiano will always do more with less by bringing in other people’s money.

Please share to save Anambra

Anambra 2017: Lessons From Our Recent Past

Democracy rests on the sacred principles of transparency, probity and service above self. As the November 18 governorship election in Anambra State draws nearer, it has become imperative that we interrogate the past of the key dramatis personae in the Anambra State political drama. 

We may not recreate the past, but the past certainly determines the present and even affects the future substantially. In this context, we would like Anambra people to reflect on the soul-stirring letter addressed in June, 2009, to the chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) by a nongovernmental organization based in Onitsha, Intersociety. It is worth your reading and time.

Dear Chairman: Re-N250 Million Money Laundering Scam Involving Governor Peter Obi`s Contractor (Mr. Ejike Onwusogbulu) And Others: Comprehensive And Conclusive Investigations Are Necessary

We, in the International Society For Civil Liberties And The Rule Of Law, Intersociety, humbly write to Your Commission, concerning the named subject matter.

 On Sunday, the 1st day of June, 2009, the police in Lagos State were alerted by yet-to-be-identified persons, concerning strange movement of a vehicle which reportedly belonged to the Government of Anambra State.

 The informers had reportedly informed the police that the vehicular were in possession of caches of arms and ammunition, reportedly purchased by the Government of Anambra State, to be used against its opponents and the Anambra populace in the upcoming gubernatorial election in Anambra State . When the police struck, according to sources, they discovered huge sums of money in different naira denominations, which were reportedly stashed in some Ghana-Must-Go bags. The said vehicular were reportedly moving towards N0 7, Aerodrome  Street, Apapa in  Lagos State, which is the corporate headquarters of companies belonging to Mr. Peter Obi and his associates.

It was also discovered, as alleged, that one Ejike Onwusogbulu of Glitz Introvert Ltd. Lagos, who allegedly works for the Government of Anambra State, as a contractor, was the carrier of the said huge sums of money.

Since then, the following versions of the story have been in circulation:

1.      That the sum of N250 million was involved and recovered.

2.      That the sum of N2.5 Billion was involved.

3.      That the sum of 25 million US Dollars was involved.

4.      That those caches of arms and ammunition were found in the vehicular.

5.      That the money found, was not up to any of the amount mentioned (government source)

6.      That the movement of such huge cash to the source mentioned, has become a routine.

7.      That the money, recovered, was meant to be laundered through unconventional routes.

8.      That the said money was to be kept at N0. 7, Aerodrome Street , Apapa, Lagos State , from where it would be stashed in ECOLAG bags, escorted to Cotounou in Benin Republic , flown to The Gambia via Slok Airliners, for its onward transfer to the Republic of Cape Verde , where it would be stashed away.

9.      That Governor Peter Obi is a pretender, fraudulent, profligate, plunderer, corrupt and an abuser of office, who stashes Anambra Commonwealth in the Republic of Cape Verde .

10. That Mr. Valentine Obienyem, Governor Obi`s Special Assistant on Media Matters and some relatives and close associates of Mr. Peter Obi, were in company of Mr. Ejike Onwusogbulu, in the said vehicles, when they were caught.

11.  That the ownership of the said monies, which is a looted fund, as alleged, is between Mr. Peter Obi and his media aide, Mr. Val. Obienyem.

12. That the money so recovered, is one of the numerous dirty and illegal trans- State (Anambra) transactions, carried out by Mr. Peter Obi and his cronies, which go unreported.

13. That the money so recovered was derived from genuine business transactions between Mr. Ejike Onwusogbulu, his Glitz Introvert Limited and the Government of Anambra State.

14.  That the money so recovered, was meant, specifically, for the purchase of brand new and Belgium automobiles for the Government of Anambra State.

15. That the money was not to be laundered, but it was received from cash payments made by the Government of Anambra State to the said contractor last weekend.

16. That the automobile dealers, especially those operating from wharfs, sell cheaper and supply high grades, on cash-and-cash basis.

Among these versions, what baffles the informed mostly is the carriage of the huge cash, and on a Sunday. Though, a source claimed that it was to be used in the following day (Monday). Some critics have also questioned the rationale behind Governor Peter Obi`s curious visit on Sunday (01/06/09) to his Apapa office, on the heels of the incident. Though, a source, again, claimed that his visit was prompted by a weighty allegation that caches of arms and ammunition were found in his passive convoy in Lagos .

 In the events of these, we are of the firm view that it is only by competently, comprehensively and conclusively investigating this matter, that truth could be known; our laws protected, Anambra treasury secured, public interest protected and the accused exonerated and their image cleared if they are found to be innocent.

Therefore, we humbly call upon Your Commission to investigate the said matter, as a matter of uttermost immediacy, competence, comprehensiveness and conclusiveness. Your Commission investigations may be primarily focused on financial criminal aspect (money laundering, etc). And in the course of the investigation, relevant laws pertaining to cash transaction, transit, carriage, etc, shall be considered.

 All the sixteen listed versions as well as the principle of mensreu (intention) shall be fully examined and exploited. The following persons shall be invited and dispassionately interrogated:

 1.      Mr. Gregory Peter Onwubuashi Obi (governor of Anambra State- 

2.      Mr. Valentine Obienyem 

3.      Mr. Ejike Onwusogbulu 

4.      Glitz Introvert Limited, Lagos .

May we, also, remind Your Commission that by the Nigerian Supreme Court Precedent, in: Chief Gani Fawehinmi Versus Governor Ahmed Bola Tinubu, a sitting governor can be investigated, indicted or exonerated? If indicted, he would face criminal prosecution after his immunity (see section 308 of the 1999 Constitution) elapsed. If other persons mentioned or suspected, are indicted, they should be prosecuted accordingly. The report of Your Commission`s findings shall be made public.

We humbly, trust in Your Commission prompt and competent handling of this important matter.

Yours Faithfully,

 Anambra Indigenes Petition EFCC Over Peter Obi N250m Loot

Our Ref: Intersociety/NG/Vol.01/06/09/EFCC/Presidency/ABJ/FRN

 Fegge, Onuicha ( Onitsha )

Anambra State



Economic And Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC)

EFCC Headquarters

The Presidency


FCT, Abuja




1.      President and Commander-in-Chief, Federal Republic of Nigeria

2.      Attorney General of the Federation

3.      Senate President

4.      Speaker, House of Representatives.

5.      Inspector General of Police

6.      Director General of SSS

7.      Speaker, House of Assembly, Anambra State

8.      Executive Secretary, National Human Rights Commission

9.      Chairman, Transparency International, Bonn-Germany

10. Secretary General, Amnesty International, London , UK

11. Executive Director, Human Rights Watch , New York , USA

12. Etc.

Source: Sahara Reporters


Saturday, October 14, 2017

Gov Obiano Honours Outstanding Corp Members, Gives Automatic Employment To Awardees (PHOTOS)

Anambra State Governor, Chief Willie Obiano earlier today continued the tradition of honouring outstanding Corp members when he presented gift items and automatic employment into the State Civil service to deserving awardees.

Before the award, Gov Obiano who was warmly received by the obviously cheerful Corp Members took some time to advise the audience on the best way to serve in Anambra State.

"I saved many years ago in Benue State and I was the best Corp member in the State. What I do to Corp Members today come from the heart because I was once like you"

The governor who said he served in a remote area in Benue State before he was posted to Markudi where he emerged the best corp member, advised the corp members to give their best to the state.

"I wish your days in Anambra State will be memorable and i want you to give your best to the State", he said.

Speaking on the awardee, he said, "Every Awardee in Anambra will get automatic employment because that was extended to me in Benue and i am extending same to you". 

"I want you to use your profession to do more, win this award and settle in Anambra State. Please be careful, don't go for activities that are not essential. Don't go on road trips that are not necessary"

"Your parents have entrusted you to my care, that's why you are in Anambra State. So, I'm like your father, I'll be able to do on what you should do and he shouldn't do. Unnecessary parties here and there are not necessary. Just focus on your core areas, finish your service, get employed and begin to add value to your family".

Assuring them of their safety, Gov Obiano said, "I want to reassure you that Anambra is the safest state in Nigeria. You should not be afraid where ever you are posted".

"I want you to be happy, you are safe as a corp member and the Governor is keeping awake to make sure you are safe wherever you are", he concluded.

People With Disabilities Throw Weight Behind Obiano

 The 47,000 strong registered members of Persons With Disabilities have thrown their weight behind the reelection of Governor Willie Obiano over what they described as his humane disposition towards them.

They said during a meeting in Awka yesterday that never in the history of persons with disabilities had a governor done so much for them, adding that they would mobilize their members during the election to vote massively for him.

Obiano Senior special assistant, SSA, to the governor on disability matters, Mr. Betrand Ezewuzie described Obiano as number one disability inclusive governor in Nigeria, who also runs the most inclusive administration in the country.

Ezewuzie said: “The disability community is a vulnerable group, but Governor Obiano loves and cares for the members. He is the first governor to appoint a person with disability to the position of SSA, the highest office for a person with disability, since the creation of Anambra State. 

“He also appointed the first visually impaired  as a permanent secretary, the first of its kind, just as he has appointed five persons with disabilities to senior positions in both political and civil service ranks. 

“He has given the deaf community a sense of belonging by appointing a special assistant on sign language communications and employed many graduates with disabilities even in economic recession. 

“The governor recognizes and continues to empower entrepreneurs with disabilities who are involved in private economic ventures and donated his salary for the upkeep of persons with mental disabilities.”

By Vincent Ujumadu

Friday, October 13, 2017

Association Distributes 1500 Free Eyeglasses To Members With sight Problems In Awka

Awka Develpoment Union Nigeria (ADUN), yesterday, distribute of over 1,500 eyeglasses to the indigenes of the community with different sight conditions.

The medical mission led by the town’s President General, Chief Amobi Nwaokafor covered the seven major quarters of Awka community which comprised of Eziawka, Amaenyi, Agulu, Amikwo, Ifite Awka and Umuokpu quarters.

Chief Nwaokafor, in an interview with journalists in Awka, said the humanitarian service by the ADU, Nigeria was in furtherance of the gesture by the Awka Union, USA and Canada, who he said, carried out medical mission in May this year for diabetic patients and other ailments that are treatable without surgery in the community.

He noted that the 2017 medical mission on the free eye test, free eyeglasses, free screening and treatment for hypertension and related illnesses were part of the union’s community service, aimed at assisting indigenes to care for their sights.

“Our kind of union practice is purely community service. Before now, we don’t wait for any government to do anything for us, we believe we can do it ourselves. This aspect of community service which we tagged: ADUN Medical mission is targeted at conducting free eye test and distribution of free eyeglasses to the indigenes of Awka.

“This particular project targets at 1,500 people within seven days but I can tell you that we attended to more than that and it is a programme that will continue from time to time until every other Awka indigene that has eye problem is diagnosed and treated free by the union,” he said.

The President General, while assuring those not captured in the medical mission to excise patient, however, accused past governments in the state for the underdevelopment in the state capital and urge the present administration to continue in its good work of turning Awka into a befitting capital.

“The present government, as a matter of fact, has done well enough in supporting this kind of health mission unlike its predecessors. Government is mandated  to take care of the entire welfare of the people; including good roads, good water, housing, health care, schools and so on. And without any iota of doubt, the government in place now is truly working when it comes to the welfare of the people".

Beneficiaries, Mrs Helen Anago and Nweke Anthony expressed gratitude for the gesture and prayed for its sustenance.

Anambra Govt Signs MOU With Folio Holdings On Agricultural Projects

The State Government has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Folio Holdings Limited, for the development of an Agricultural project in the State.

Governor Willie Obiano signed on behalf of the State government during the ceremony which took place at the Governor’s Lodge Amawbia.

The project which also has many other technical and financial partners from within and outside the State, will include four thousand hectares of Agro-allied commercial farm for rice and aquaculture as well as an Agricultural training Institute to be sited at Awba-Ofemmili in Awka North Local Government Area.

Under the Memorandum of Understanding, the State government is to put in a total of five point four billion naira as its equity contribution, while the investor will bring the sum of fifty-four billion naira.

Speaking during the event, Governor Obiano said the project is very strategic to his administration’s agricultural blue print, because of its integrated nature, noting that his government on inception, had foreseen the impending fall in oil prices and adopted Agriculture as a sure way out.

While emphasizing that his government has special interest in encouraging agro-investments because of the job potential they have for the youths, Governor Obiano noted that with the way his government structures its Memorandum of Understandings, they will help the state achieve its vision for fiscal sustainability.

The Managing Director of ANSIPPA, Chief Joe-Billy Ekwunife revealed that the project will promote food security, provide raw materials for industries, create eight hundred direct and four thousand five hundred indirect jobs as well as create capacity building opportunities for out-growers.

On his part, the Commissioner for Agriculture Mechanization, Processing and Export, Mr Afam Mbanefo said the State will leverage on the Agric Institute through research to produce high-yield varieties of crops for use in the state agricultural sector, while the Investor, Mr Fidelis Anosike said he decided to bring his wealth home because he has seen the seriousness of the Obiano administration in creating an enabling environment for businesses to thrive across the State, assuring that they will deliver on schedule.

Some representatives of the partners including Chief Mrs Diana Chang and Mr Yaspal Jain said they are confident that the project will be a huge success due to the cooperation of the State government and the friendly business environment in the State.

In a vote of thanks, the Chairman of the State Land Acquisition Committee and former Minister of Health, Dr Tim Menakaya acknowledged that what is happening in the state under the Obiano administration is a silent positive revolution that will make Anambra a model State.

By Kenechukwu Ofomah

Obiano Flags Off Reconstruction Of Igwe Ezeudoka - Old Eke Agbagba Uli Road

Governor Willie Obiano has inaugurated the construction of Igwe Ezeudoka- Old Eke Agbagba road, Uli in Ihiala Council Area.

The 4 kilometer road which connects major villages in the community was awarded last month and will be completed in 7 months time.

It was observed that construction of drainage has been achieved on a reasonable stretch along the road.

Governor Obiano while performing the function, said the State government is embarking on the project to create access to parts of the community which were hitherto cut from the others due to very bad road.

The Governor who also hinted on the 20 million choose-your-project community initiative of his administration which the community has benefited from, assured them that his government will fulfill all its promises to them.

He urged Ndi Uli to give the contractor every necessary support to enable him realize the project on schedule, reminding them of the need to support his second term bid to ensure that they continue to enjoy dividends of good governance.

The Commissioner for Road maintenance and furniture, Chief Law Chinwuba revealed that Governor Obiano has directed the award of Umuchima -Ndikokwu- Amoka road and Dr ABC Orjiako- Obodo Okoli- Amamputu road all in Ihiala Council Area, and the construction will commence very soon.

Earlier, in their separate welcome remarks, the APGA Chairman in the Council Area, Chief Cy Obi and the President General of the Town, Mr Dan Ugochukwu acknowledged that Governor Obiano is gradually fulfilling all his promises to the people and assured him that they are solidly behind him.

In a vote of thanks, the member representing Ihiala One Constituency in the State Assembly, Mr Chidi Udemmadu thanked Governor Obiano for embarking on projects that have positive bearing on the lives of the people and said the entire Council Area will continue to support him.

The Governor was later presented with gift items by people of the area.

By Kenechukwu Ofomah

Thursday, October 12, 2017

BREAKING: Tony Nwoye Drag To Court Over Diversion Of Fund Meant For Constituency Project

Report reaching us has it that the candidate of the All Progressive Congress (APC) in the forthcoming Governorship election in Anambra State Hon. Tony Nwoye is yet enmeshed in a corruption scandal. 

It was reported that the people of Umueze-Anam Wards 1 and 2 of Anambra West Local Government Area are deeply aggrieved that Tony Nwoye diverted funds meant to construct solar powered borehole in their town.

According to them, the money for the construction of the boreholes was captured in the 2016 budget and funds appropriated for it as part of constituency project for the area.

However, in an inexplicable turn of events, Hon. Tony Nwoye acting in concert with some unscrupulous elements at Abuja diverted the funds.

This is why the persons affected took out a suit at the Federal High Court Awka in Suit No. FHC/AWK/CS/46/2017 Between Ogbuefi P.O. Okonkwo & 4 Ors Vs. Hon. Tony Nwoye & 5 Ors the parties concerned are seeking that the money meant for the water project be returned for the execution of the job. One of the Plaintiffs told our reporter that since the suit was filed in March.

Hon. Tony Nwoye has avoided the Court and has not filed any response so far despite being served with the processes. He said that they will also have to petition the EFCC to carry out investigation into the matter.

The presiding Judge at Federal High Court Awka has adjourned the case to the 12th day of October, 2017 for hearing.

NB: All effort made to contact Hon. Tony Nwoye, to either confirm or debunk the story proves abortive.

This story was first publish by Abuchi Okoli, a reporter with Todays Issue Magazine based in Awka.

Reporter (Today’s Issues Magazine, Awka)

Mrs Obiano Assures Ndi Anambra Of More Democracy Dividends

The wife of the State Governor, Chief Mrs Ebelechukwu Obiano, has called on Ndi Anambra to re-elect Governor Obiano  to enable him actualize his remaining visions for the state.

The Governor’s wife, made the call during her visit to Oyi and Dunukofia council areas, as part of her local governments tour.

Chief Mrs Obiano, who commended the people for their cooperation and support, urged them to help in retaining the present government as it still has much in stuck for them.

Earlier in their addresses, the Transition Committee Chairmen of the local governments, Hon. Uchenna Okafor, and Hon. Uchenna Umerie, respectively, noted that the state's residents have felt the impact of good governance under APGA leadership which has increased their trust in the party, even as they assured their readiness to help actualize Governor Obiano's second term bid.

Speaking on behalf of women in the areas, the wives of the Transition Committee Chairmen, Mrs Ogechukwu Okafor, and Mrs Chinwe Umerie, said the women are fully in support of Governor Obiano led administration, as it has achieved beyond its campaign promises.

In their remarks, some government officials in the areas, including the state Commissioners for Information and Communication Strategy, Ogbuefi Tony Nnachetta, Economic Planning and Budget, Hon. Mark Okoye, Social Welfare, Women and Children Affairs, Dr. Mrs Victoria Chikwelu, among others, reminded the people of the need to rally round APGA on November eighteenth election, noting that a bird at hand, worth thousands in the bush.

Highlight of the visit was distribution of gifts to the less privileged persons in the areas by the Governor’s wife.

By Emmanuel Okonkwo

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